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Electric FF under $1k?
  • I'm looking for an electric FF that I can use with a thumbwheel on my gimbal and shoulder rig, wireless is great but wired is also fine. Would be nice if I had the option to add a wireless remote with wheel and hard stops at a later time.

    There seem to be several on the horizon, like the Tilta Nucleus-M and Nucleus-N, Zhiyun's mechanical FF, and the Filmpower Nebula FF all sound great but when are any of them actually going to be available? I'm also looking at some of the Ikan and Redrock FF systems, but they're a little outside of my budget. Any others I should be aware of?


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  • Get nucleus M. Spend a few more dollars. Worth it.

  • If I could get one right now I would, but everyone is backordered. Did these actually get released already?

  • For such things you also need very good gimbal with powerful motors, one that can stand small unbalance.

    Also need some understanding on how this FF sounds like.