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Happy New 2018 Year for All!
  • 2017 year was long and very productive for PV

    • Thanks to our members we made coverage of 10 exhibitions across the world.
    • Started making various PV Lab measurements and you can see links to various in PV Lab topic
    • Improved reviews
    • Worked on cool deals, and thanks for less madness with labs now could add much more soon
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    • And do same for Yotube channel.

    In 2018 PV being 7 years rightfully could get own Little October Star if we do all that planned


    • The Octobrists are the future Pioneers.
    • The Octobrists are diligent children, they love school, respect the elders.
    • Only those who love to work are called the Octobrists.
    • The Octobrists are truthful and brave, clever and skilful.
    • The Octobrists are friendly children, they read and draw, play and sing, and live merrily.
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  • Happy New Year to all PV members!

    PV is so nice place.

  • Happy new year everyone

  • Happy NY!

    Amazing year ahead.

  • Happy new year to everyone!