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Adapter with Adjustable ND filter?
  • Is there such thing?
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  • Easiest would instead be an adapter using standard behind the lens filter holder.
  • That would be very nice, but does anyone has an example of such a system.
  • I was talking with Brian Berkey at Berkey system about such an adapter about 6 months ago. I was trying to convince him it was an untapped product that would sell like crazy to DSLR folks.
  • Filters behind the lens will change the lens characteristics at the image plane. It is not a good idea unless the lens is designed with the extra glass in mind.

    Long telephoto lenses from Canon and Nikon are designed with a filter holder at the back of the lens. You must have a filter in the holder, even if it is clear glass that comes with the lens. If no filter is there, it changes the optics and the lens becomes less sharp.

    Conversely, if you put a filter behind a lens that is not designed for it, the lens becomes less sharp.
  • @NPrincen

    That concept can still be implemented in an adapter, just make the flange distance compensate for the filter. You'd always have to keep a filter in the adapter whether it's clear or not.
  • Yes it would be nice. Just a little set of 4/5 very high quality nd filters that would cost much less because the size would be very small.
  • Interesting idea.

    Though as far as Clairmont's Alexa BTL Filter, I worry about the strength of the magnets. Magnets close to sensitive electronics, especially the sensor, sounds dangerous to me. I'd consider a different method.

    After thinking about it, I wonder if one could apply a behind the lens variable ND filter to the inside of an adapter to make what the OP wants. Depending on the adapter size, B&H states they sell 37mm, 43mm and 46mm Variable ND Filters. I plan to look into this.