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Mikme - large diaphragm mike with recorder
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    • 1-inch gold-plated, phantom powered true-condenser capsule.​
    • Record 24Bit 96kHz studio-grade audio to built-in 16gb of storage.
    • One button on top to start/stop recording, and buttons on the back for level adjustment as well as power on/off and bluetooth pairing.
    • Headphone jack for monitoring or line out. And there's a 3/8" and a 1/4-20" accessory thread on the bottom.
    • It has a USB micro jack for powering and recharging.
    • Mikme app syncs with an iPhone and automatically replaces the internal microphone, for both audio and video recording.
    • Battery lasts up to 3.5 hours of continued recording.
    • 2.75 x 2.8 inches size, and less than 6 ounces weight.


    751 x 499 - 30K
    677 x 470 - 30K
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  • 500 dollars is a joke

  • @pureaxis

    But small and looks cool :-)

    They need add much better breath filter like dense metal mesh.

  • Fairly useless for anything other than voice over recording. The video above is stupid.

  • Great device to capture flatulence in 24 glorious bits of full spectrum audio; add that extra dimension to take your vapid Facebook posts to the next level.

  • if the capsule and A/D are high quality, then I reckon 500 isn't so bad.. podcasters and soloists would find it useful. Same for cramped recording situations like in a closet

  • In these modern times people should come out of the closet. ;-)