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Affinity Photo for iPad sale
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  • New update

    • Added support for brush nozzle base texture mode.
    • New Undo/Redo gesture with two and three finger tap.
    • Added drag modifiers to studio icons for color, text, navigator and history.
    • Added canvas rotation control via Navigator Studio.
    • Added swipe gesture to swap primary and secondary colors on the Color Studio
    • Context menu now uses a long-press release gesture to invoke.
    • Added two-finger hold gesture to resize a layer from its centre.
    • During shape creation, a two-finger hold gesture will transform the layer.
    • On the Layers Studio, with a layer selected, a two-finger tap on another layer will select all layers in between.
    • On the Layers Studio, pinch inwards (either vertically or horizontally) to group selected layers. To ungroup, do the opposite and pinch out.
    • With the Move Tool active, a two-finger hold gesture on a layer plus a one finger drag duplicates the selected layer.
    • Easy access to merge and rasterize commands via Layer Studio icons.
    • New Export persona. A new workspace for exporting regions of your image as slices.
    • Improved brush stroke lag and small stroke response.
    • Brushes remember previously used stroke settings.
    • Move any custom brush to any category.
    • Added support for on-screen keyboard trackpad mode.
    • Added Tab key to on-screen keyboard context bar.
    • Updated Persona icons.
    • Numerous other improvements and bug fixes.

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