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Viltrox Canon EF to m42 Electronic Speed Booster Adapter
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    Viltrox EF-M2 Electronic Adapter (F Booster) is designed for Micro Four Third cameras and Canon EF mount lenses. EF-M2 has built in optics to increase light input by one F stop and reduce focal length by x0.71. EF-M2 also comes with USB port for firmware update and a dedicated button to adjust aperture.

    Product features:

    • Support Micro Four Third cameras
    • Integrated USB port for adapter firmware update^
    • 4 elements in 4 groups optics increase light input by one F stop and also reduce focal length by x0.71.
    • Dedicated switch to adjust aperture
    • Support EF lenses manufactured by Canon, Sigma, Tokina and Tamron
    • Record EXIF data includes aperture, focal distance etc.
    • Support lens Image Stabilizer
    • High precision galvanized alloy with chromium plating on both mounting surface to ensure smooth installation and durability.

    466 x 500 - 34K