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Fujifilm X-H1 aka X-T2s video oriented 4K with IBIS
  • Rumored specs

    • 24MP APS-C sensor
    • 5 axis build in IBIS
    • Best EVF in industry
    • Much improved LCD
    • Body will be almost same as X-T2, slightly larger
    • Better hand grip
    • 4K 30fps and may be 4K 60fps video modes
    • Full sensor readout and scaling down using advanced algorithms for video
    • Bitrate up to around 200Mbit
    • Log modes for video
    • Oriented on video shooters
    • Top LCD screen like G9
    • Improved film simulation
    • Available in February
    • Cost below GH5 VE at around $1800-1999

    Support for camera already present in software, see

  • 12 Replies sorted by
  • Very interesting!

    How soon it comes?

  • Wondering if it will include a log profile....? Seems like a necessary addition with the latest generation of cameras.

  • Fujirumors reports it will :) Also, cropless IBIS and new Eterna film simulation. Should a hell of a camera.

  • I have great hopes for this rumor it might be just the thing to convert me from Panasonic. Looking forward on how this rumor plays out. Decent IBIS, 4K 60fps and it might be my next camera.

  • Specs info updated from different sources.

  • We expecting 10bit color internally ?

  • This might be the camera for my dji matrice ,instead of the GH5 VE And ursa 4.6kk which is too bulky for the drone

  • @sammy - DJI inspire 2 ftw

  • I got a deal on a matrice and ronin mx gimbal that I couldn’t pass up ,and it’s a real solid setup that is way more flexible than inspire 2 ,but a tad more bulky ..I’m happy with it ,just looking for perfect compact camera to pair it with ,so far ursa does ok on it (image is nice ) just shape and balancing and movement is not great )

  • If Fujirumors is right, the video specs are 4K, 1.17x crop, 30p, 4:2:0 8 bit 200 Mbps

  • Why should this (rumored) camera be appealing to video shooters?

  • @theconformist For some of us that want a hybrid camera very capable of both stills and video it is interesting. APSc pdaf sensor (less noise,better focus). Focus in video and stills looks reasonably good. Video currently looks good on existing models and it has some nice baked in film looks requiring less editing potentially. I personally like the manual dials old school. Excellent primes that due to the APSc sensor don't suffer as much in the equivalence debate, so you can save money and weight not chasing super fast glass. Although it now looks like 4K will be 30fps max not 60fps and the 1.17 crop of the APSc sensor stays so that now lowers my interest a little. Some one dedicated to video probably would be better served by Panasonic. That being said if your a true hybrid shooter that does not want to invest in several bodies it may be worth looking at. It depends on just how good the rumored offerings really are and what is most important to the individual buyer.