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Anthem One Light
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    Example of light made by designer.

    Look, it even got good design award -

    Venting holes seems to be really small (can compare to Aputure 300W light). And rise question on heat problems. Hope all is good.


    Good idea to have ability to change COB LED part. Yet it includes funny step on adding thermal compound and doing it very carefully, as errors in this step lead to permanently damaged COB LED.


    Here lifespan estimation is very optimistic. Even caps usually die much sooner.
    Noise figures also questionable and need independent lab tests.
    Including such thing as new physics invention of fan not making any noise at 3 inches.


    And price is $1500 for one without any battery option (with battery it is $2500).

    Note that same power 200W Godox with better CRI is $350.

    800 x 383 - 50K
    800 x 432 - 51K
    673 x 615 - 37K
    750 x 352 - 33K