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24p ques. First time shooting wedding in 50hz light.
  • I am on a budget and ebay seems to have the cheapest NTSC camera. PAL camera is freaking expensive. I want to buy a Panasonic Prosumer camcorder but its only cheap if its NTSC. I live in a PAL land. For most of the time, it doesn't pose any problem for me while i shoot with my GH2. I am shooting a wedding for the first time in Feb, and need a proper camcorder. So i am just wondering, will a NTSC camera work well in PAL land with all the huge spot lights, massive tungsten lights and flouresent lights that are in 50hz? Please advice. I get a lot of contradict views on 24p, 25p and 50hz lighting from forum especial dvxuser. =.= Freaking confused. Thanks in advance (:
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  • I think you have the solution to test with your gh2. Just flash the new firmware 1.1 and see how filming with 24 and 25p deals with 50 hz light. Just go out and try, from interior tungsten type of light to fluorescent ones, to exterior light. Another solution is to rent a camera just for that day so that you don't risk anything for the wedding and second investing in a multi thousand ntsc camera, that might not work well in pal land. I am the same in the sense that I live in PAL land and buying gear usually through bh USA.
  • dan> same here. BHPhotos/Ebay. But you see, my GH2 is NTSC model :P haha. So its 30p right now not 25p until VK release the hack.
  • If you can set the camcorder's shutter speed to 1/50 s, you'll have no problem under 50-Hz lights, no matter what frame rate you shoot at.

    But since you're in PAL land, I'm thinking that you should try to shoot in 25p or 50p, since that's how your client is going to watch it on a TV. If you hack your GH2, you can shoot 720/50p. The GH2 has great 720/50p, and with a fast-focusing, stabilizing lens like the Lumix G 14-42, 14-140, or G X 14-42, the GH2 is better than any consumer camcorder and getting close to a prosumer one. I would hack your GH2 with a high bit rate patch, and do some testing at 720/50p. See if that's good enough to save you from buying or renting a camcorder.

    And it's POSSIBLE that by February, we'll have a hacked v1.1 firmware so that you can shoot 1080/25p HBR mode. But don't count on it. You should make a decision based on testing of what's available now.
  • >And it's POSSIBLE that by February, we'll have a hacked v1.1 firmware

    You can be sure about it :-)
  • I don't want to put any pressure on you, Vitaliy. :) I know how complicated this hacking is.
  • Balazer > Yeah. Ive already hacked my Gh2 with high bit rate patch but looking for a second and proper camera for the wedding with almost the same quality. So yea, if i shoot at 1/50 it'll be ok on any framerate. Thanks for the conformation. Just afraid 24p wont be compatible with 50hz lighting. And ill have a look at the 720/50p (:

    Thanks Vitaliy, cant wait for ur hack! haha
  • Also pal land here.
    outdoor i shoot in 60hz, indoor 50hz.
    i have ones bought a new cam for 100 euro, a qmedia.
    it did shot in 720p 60fps.
    and believe it or not, incl. a option to chose 50 or 60hz, why that is not present on other cams??????????
  • work with shutter 1 / 50 and you have no problems