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Rylo 360-Degree Camera
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    • Two 208° lenses
    • f/2.8 fixed aperture
    • 4K 30fps 360° video recording
    • 6K panorama photo capture
    • 3.8V 830mAh (3.15Wh) removable battery
    • microSD slot

    800 x 456 - 36K
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  • Stabilization demos

  • Stabilization comparison

  • Updates

    180° Mode

    The new 180° video mode shrinks the field of view, allowing you to capture 180° video at higher resolution and better image quality than 360° mode allows. According to Rylo, 180° mode "is especially useful for chest-mounted shots or activities/scenarios in which one lens is blocked."

    Bluetooth Remote Capture

    Remote capture lets you sync your phone to the Rylo camera via bluetooth, which allows you to: switch between recording modes, start or stop a video, and snap a photo, all from the app on your phone.

    Motion Blur

    Motion Blur adds a 'cinematic' motion blur effect that is actually synced up to the speed of your timelapse shots (more speed = more blur). The effect doesn't show up while shooting, but will be viewable upon export.

  • They finally fixed some of the weird color issues


    800 x 445 - 81K