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SOLVED: GH2 Firmware upgrade - No Valid Picture to Play error
  • For those having the issues...I bet you did the same thing I was doing over and over again (for downloading premade patches such as Driftwood).

    When you open pTool and load the firmware, at the bottom you should see a letter somewhere between A and J in green, click it. This now loads the presets. NOW click "Version Increment" (first option in the option tree). Then change the Increment to something such as 10.

    The key issue here is that I was changing the Version Increment BEFORE clicking the presets. So as far as the camera was concerned, no new firmware was on my card.
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  • I am closing this topic, as same thing is in the beginners topic.
    I suggest to send this to FAQ authors (driftwood, LPowell, etc)
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