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B4 to m43 cheap adapters
  • Anyone interested in cheap (< $100 shipped) B4 to m43 adapters?

    With lens support (but it is not top notch, same as onnew breed of Chinese m43 adapters).
    For guys who do not understand that is this B4 is about, it is mount used for 2/3" leses for ENG cameras.
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  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev
    It would be great if these were made available... considerably cheaper than the Polish ones costing $300+ (but they do look really solid).
    There are always cheap B4 lenses on eBay. But I haven't dared try it for fear of infinity focusing issues.
    Have you tried them yourself, Vitaliy?
  • I would be interested.
  • Look at 24h deals
  • is the adapter (b4->m4/3) still available for purchase? Thanks!