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India Broadcast Show 2017, PV Coverage
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    12-14 October

    Covered by PV India Team.

    Stay Tuned.

    800 x 508 - 62K
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    800 x 505 - 69K
  • Scrolling through the exhibitor list, heaps of brands I don't recognise!

    But a few key ones that I do recognise are (not listing all the ones I recognise though! That would make it even longer):

    Adobe AJA Avid AMD Angenieux
    Arnold & Richter Cine Technik GmbH & Co. Betriebs KG (also known as: ARRI!) Atomos Autodesk Audio Technica Azden BenQ Bright Tangerine
    CAD Audio
    Carl Zeiss Century Optics (Schneider Optics)
    Cooke Optics DJA DPA E-Image Easyrig Fairlight (they must have booked it before being purchased by BMD?!) Farseeing Flanders Scientific Ikegami Kino Flo Lighting Systems
    Lectrosonics Lightstar (Beijing) Electronic Corporation
    LEE Filters Lemo
    Libec Lilliput Lowel Neumann Niagara Video Corporation
    Nvidia Osee Technology International Ltd.
    Panasonic Panther GmbH
    Porta Brace Inc.
    RED Rolls Corporation Samsung SanDisk Schneider Optics
    Sennheiser SIGMA SmallHD Sony Steadicam Swit Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Wooden Camera

    I'll try to write up later when I get time, a quick curious (or sometimes just oddball) question to ask each company which I think is kinda interesting.

  • High CRI lights


    418 x 500 - 38K
  • Sachtler Revolutional Tripods


    800 x 557 - 85K
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