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Lectrosonics wideband transmitters announced: SMWB + SMDWB
  • More info here about the SMWB (uses a single AA battery, a very small transmitter!):



    And the info for the dual battery version:

    Wish I could get one of each and a SRc!

    Ah well, maybe next year....

    However, it is very weird that it has a max of 44.1KHz?? What on earth are they smoking....

    Also is a damn pity there is no TC :-( Guess they're still keeping a reason for you to buy their PDR instead.

    But having a split gain recording option is nice.

    565 x 709 - 43K
    594 x 707 - 46K
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  • Alternate use as recorder on internal microSDHC memory card

    They came close, but can't do proper thing due to Zaxcom patents.

    If you ask me, Zaxcom is much superior due to recording option and preamp approach they use.

  • They came close, but can't do proper thing due to Zaxcom patents.

    I know, is well known fact in sound circles that Zaxcom lawyers are holding back the other companies :-(

    But there is talk Lectrosonics is challenging this in the courts, so fingers crossed that happens and goes well.

    As then recording/transmitter at once is only a firmware update away for these! ;-)