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Capitalism: France and where all going
  • The French parliament on Tuesday approved a controversial anti-terror bill, which activists say will create a permanent emergency situation in the country.

    The bill, approved by 415 votes to 127 and 19 abstentions grants police exceptional powers.

    This, according to human rights advocates, will not only harm the rights to liberty, security, freedom of assembly and freedom of religion across the country, but will also risk creating a "permanent emergency situation".

    The exceptional measures under the new anti-terrorism law will allow the police to conduct house raid and searches without a warrant or judicial oversight, including at night.

    It also gives extra powers to officials to place people under house arrest without the normal judicial process.

    Also it'll allow to put electronic tracking devices to any individuals with suspicious behavior on up to 3 month time (but can be prolonged indefinitely each 3 months).

    Such measures can be adopted on civilians based on "mere suspicions".

    "There is also the risk that these measures will be used for other purposes, not just terrorism, but also as against protesters and social movements."

    Meet the measures ruling class uses for control.