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Capitalism: Internet and Capitalists
  • I do not believe that the future internet will be a Utopia. Nor do I believe that the future internet will be like some beautiful angel, bringing peace, virtue, equality, and justice.

    Big BrotherInstead I believe that there are strong, probably irresistible, forces working to lock-down and partition the internet.

    I believe that the future internet will be composed of “islands’.

    These islands will tend to coincide with countries, cultures, or companies.

    There will be barriers between these islands. And to cross those barriers there will be explicit bridges between various islands.

    Network traffic that moves over these bridges will be observed, monitored, regulated, limited, and taxed.

    The future internet will be used as a tool for power, control, and wealth.

    And to a large degree the users of this future internet will not care about this.


    This is not personal position, this is class position, regressive ruling class hoping to turn progress back.

    Regressive exploiters always want to rely at idealism and ability to turn progress back.

    If we look back through the centuries we see that the world was usually carved into geographic islands: baronies, kingdoms, and empires. These islands merged and split, they competed, they fought, and they conspired.

    Yet despite this fragmented world there was at least one constant: commerce between these islands was channeled, regulated, and taxed.

    Look how capitalist mind make you to believe of history repeating itself because sellers want it.

    Thing that we see since 2001 and in constantly accelerating pace is ruling class becoming aware of all dangers.

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