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Shootout between Sony A65 vs GH2

  • Essentially the Sony A65 is the same for image quality in video mode as the NEX 7 and A77. It has a superior sensor to the GH2 but doesn't do a very good job scaling and codec wise - so the GH2 resolves a cleaner looking image with more detail and less aliasing and moire.

    However where I feel the A65 wins is...

    - CHEAP!! £699 in the UK compared to £1300 for the A77, but same great OLED viewfinder, same sensor, same image processor, 95% of the same features but a plastic body
    - Internal stabilisation - Your cheap £50 300mm Minolta becomes as good as an OIS Canon lens. Your £100 fast 50mm F1.8 gets stabilisation for free. Not bad!!
    - Handling. I prefer the bigger body to the NEX 5N really
    - 1080/50p and 25p in PAL land
    - MF peaking, great EVF and 920k LCD

    I am also going to be testing a Nikon J1 soon. I feel this is prime for a good hacking Sir @Vitaliy_Kiselev. The sensor may be on the small side but Expeed 3 does a great job of scaling the image... nice clean, sharp resolution and a pretty fast LSI considering the price point. Maybe if the firmware is not encrypted it could be your next conquest :) If you want a body say so and I will whip round for donations on EOSHD for a J1 body to be sent.
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  • It is always the same story, moire/aliasing and low resolution. The problem is a company like Sony is prepared to give you everything in terms of functionality, like super evf, peaking, etc. put not true image quality. They perfectly know that, they are too afraid to loose their camcorder/fs100 sales to slr, but in the end they might be completely out of the HDSLR hybrid market. With the power in the A77, something like 12 to 14 frames per second 24 megapixel raw shooting the camera processing is very very fast, they could even do 4k video with such powerful hardware, or at least proper down-scaling (while 24 megapixel might be a bit too much) of the whole sensor to 1080p.
  • "However where I feel the A65 wins is...

    - CHEAP!! £699 in the UK compared to £1300 for the A77, but same great OLED viewfinder, same sensor, same image processor, 95% of the same features but a plastic body
    - Handling. I prefer the bigger body to the NEX 5N really"

    I stopped reading here. You compare A65 to GH2 and then start doing all kind of other comparisons. Sony camera's suck because they are always crippled by Sony in a very brutal way. I told you this with the announcement, and it still rings true. I will never buy a Sony consumer product. And in body OIS drives up the heat so you can't shoot longer than x amount of minutes, it is even in the manual.
  • Andrew thanks for doing a comparison with at least some objectivity. When doing these sort of comparisons we should look at the whole package not just the video aspect.

    Danyyyel...Yep same story nothing new. Again even with alaising and moire people still go and shoot good footage with them so its not the end of the world.
    Very doubtful they will be out of the DSLR hybrid market their recent cameras are selling very well.

    Sohus. Why didnt you just write "you compare the lowly a65 to the mighty GH2"
    So Panasonic never ever cripple their products right? Brand loyalty only limits you and makes you narrow minded.
    "Id Never buy a sony product" whats this? PS3 vs xbox wars???...were not teenagers!
    Btw technically you probably have as sony make all kinds of components used in other brands.

    Ive very much had it with this forum and GH2 fanboys bitching about other cameras everytime. Should call this place "GH2 views".
    Getting worse than Canon elitists.
    As a GH2 owner the head up its own arse community just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
  • @mimirsan
    Did I say the GH2 was beter? No. Every manufacturer limits products but Sony is the worst of all of them. They have fucked me over and over again by giving me great features, but never making them useful, because they come with an AUTO thing that you can't control or no manual control. It's my PERSONAL VIEW.

    You completely miss my point. A65 - GH2 comparison and then he goes comparing them to the A77 and NEX5. I am getting tired with all these stupid camera comparisons. Cheap tricks to get visitors to your site. I am getting tired of Philip Bloom, EOSHD and all these other 'objective' sites. Their only after advertising money from the big manufacturers of cameras and gear. They claim to be objective, spend a lot of their 'free' time yet they get every camera or tool for free, saving them tons of money, go on free trips... all to get you buy the latest and greatest in filmmaking. Gears don't make you a filmmaker, practice and theory does. And how many articles do these guys write on that? Not much, as they can't make any money with that.

    As mentioned in the other thread, it is quite pathetic that so many people need to justify their purchase with a stupid shoot-out. I bought my GH2 because I like the image, and I liked what I saw on Vimeo and this forum, shoot by ordinary people like me. No shoot-out will change my opinion.

    Go find your 'objectivity' else where @mimirsan. You won't find it with EOSHD or PB. They change their view each time they get a new goodie from camera- and gear manufacturers. If you want to be a filmmaker, you better spend your time shooting great stuff instead of reviewing an chasing stupid camera gear. New gear won't make you a better filmmaker, as proven by all the shit on Vimeo. Bokeh porn, timelapses... all looking the same. Let me know when the first GH2 or NEX7 movie wins at a filmfestival.
  • I think this guy won at Venice with GH2. Short film though.
  • Sohus
    I agree with a lot of what you no fan of these comparisons at all...and can be easily tricked in favour of a certain product.
    Thats why I say "at least" as I find eoshd to be generally favouring more on GH than any other camera for videowork.

    But it seemed you were offended that the GH2 is being compared to Sony cameras and commented that you stopped reading when he got to "Sony wins on"

    I dont find much objectivity here either Sohus. Its either GH2 or the highway.
  • @mimirsan

    you can't force someone to be opened minded.

    EOSHD will be generally be biased towards GH as you said, so I take a lot of what andrew says as being fair analysis. The fact of the matter is, I know people loads more talented than I who happily continue to use their GH1s and produce professional results with them. This isn't to say that the GH1 is or is not a great cam because it is, and will continue to be, regardless of how many better cameras are out there as technology progresses. The alpha series seems to be very promising for particular applications, but not enough to defeat brand loyalty, which apparently entails user-thought exclusivity.

    This kind of thinking in constant subjective comparisons is the start of a bad marriage, e.g., loyalty because you chose to be loyal once upon a time, and will defend the faults of yours, berate the advantages of the supposed, 'other side,' which in reality is actual something that we asked for, even demanded. But what happens when the gh3 is released and lumix once again becomes the unquestionable alpha-dog of low budget? I'm sure this forum will be a whole lot friendlier to the comparisons.

    I mean know hostilities, I totally agree with both yours and Sohus perspective, at least in his second post.
  • @PixCanFly Is that Charles Lim's film with the GH2 and Iscorama? I've chatted to him before, great guy and very talented!

    @sohus Few corrections: The body IS is electronic not mechanical or OIS during video recording. It only heats up enough to stop recording in 40c heat after a 13 minutes continuous clip. Stop and start like a normal user does and it is ok. Below that, say at 30c it is fine for long clips. I'd love it if Sony 'gave me a goodie' but I bought the A65 with my own money and have the receipt to prove it. If you had read EOSHD all year (hard to imagine you doing that) you'd see the utter rage I dished on Sony for their lack of 24p, no manual control and poor codecs until the NEX 5N came out. It really is not nice when someone attacks your integrity as a filmmaker. I shoot because I like cinematography and I am interested in the technology. Sure there will always be the conspiracy theories but that is to misunderstand what a blog is all about, which is to share my opinions and footage.
  • @tmcat
    Tis true that.

    I dont have a problem with you or your blog actually because everyone has a preference.
    Even with your preference in mind the comparison you did here was pretty fair and open.
    I certainly came back getting the feeling you didnt say "this alphas crap go buy a GH2"
    I hope you continue on that path and your blog is your blog irregardless of others being resentful. Thats their problem.
    Some people make money doing blogs to feed their passion so there aint nothing wrong with it.
  • A65 or any vdslr would need to have enthusiastic support from strong userbase. GH1 already had a good userbase before GH13. Other m43 bodies except GH2 got the trickle-down benefit from GH13. Only good final artifacts shared in Vimeo will purshade more people to join in. That would be very time consuming process while GH community would grow and pump out more fantatic artifacts. I'm not saying GH "gear" is better than those new shiny "gears". A noob can join in GH forums and learn lots of goodies from experienced film makers and start shooting in short time. This whole "package" is very enticing, and it's fun to be a part of it. As far as I know, there has been no filming community forum dedicated to Sony dslr gears. I don't mind learning about new products though. Keep up the good work, Mr. EosHd.
  • @Mimirsan There are GH2 trolls who trash all other choices. It’s ok. Every forum has such trolls. I don’t think they represent consensus at all. Apply noise reduction to them. Move on.
  • Speaking as a former Minolta digital camera owner (which took great photos), I feel that Sony just wants me to feel bad. They have plenty of money and know-how, and they use it to just string me along.
  • I only bought a GH1 after reading about the hack. It was Ptools that transformed GH1 from a m43 camera with video as an excelent gizmo for the Sharper Image Catalog demographic, into imaging tool. I bought the a65, and will hold on to it for a while, hoping that Tester 13 turns his talents that way.

    I think there is a lot of potential. GH2 will never pull 4k. Even with the limited lens selection, such a hack for the a65 would push the entire industry forward another 2 decades in 2 years, the same way the 5dMII and GH13 has done. I don't know if anybody here has noticed, but a multi-million dollar industry has refashioned itself several times over to keep up with Vitally. not because they want us to have the tech, but because we figured out how to take it. Where do I send my donation?
  • @whoopteedoobuckaroo Yep, you said a mouthful. I haven't heard reference to "tester 13" in quite a while. Makes me proud to be a member here! THESE are quite the days, because those were quite the days you said. My play for the next BT (big thing) is the Pentax K-01. It too is mirrorless and has the new sony CMOS ...but firmware is Pentax. Pentax is using the same encryption it always used, not the Sony lock-up mess. We have a chance with it. Damn good sensor and uses manual lens from the M-42 era on...

  • do the sonys still overheat at 15-20 minutes into a shoot? I remember that was a major issue with sony's sensors.

  • Bubba, you are right. I must get one of those K-01zes... I feel the same way about being on this forum. Maybe one of the very best things about the k-01 is that V. has a soft spot for Pentax, as do I, and he owns a lot of Pentax glass, as do I. My two main worries are that it is "A bridge too far" and once you have to buy a breakout box for audio and hack the live view settings, the point becomes moot. I also hope it doesn't use that shitty sony 16mp sensor that overheats after 15-20 minutes as per Ebacherville. Pentax made a big deal about leaving Samsung for Sony, and Samsung's new shizzle be for rizzle, or so I'm led to believe.

    But not to suck off the main mod worse than I have already, V. is motive No. 1 to buy the k-01 in my personal view. :p

  • Man that lock-up shit sucks... I didn't really understand until reading your post. So Sony cameras brick themselves if you try to free it? Sony makes Panny look like Nikon! Hahaha I am a fucking geek I hope nobody understands that. With the DRM and Sony's trojan scandal, they are some serious fucking idiots, bringing tons of muscle to the game, too. Locked up muscle ain't worth shit, hello EBAY, time to sell.

  • My A65 never locked up on me and was a great middle ground for stills and video for me until I took advantage of Amazon's $500 GH2 sale and saw for myself how much better the video is. Although the gap is bridged a bit when you're watching compressed comparisons on youtube.

    Said A65(along with all my minolta glass) is on auction right now actually. This will likely fund more audio equipment and rails for the GH2

  • I'm glad I stumbled on this (old) thread. I like the comments made by sohus.

    I have been trying to get into filmmaking and researching which gear to get for the past couple of months.

    Sites like EOS and PB are a blessing in some respects. They have specs galore on every camera ever devised by man, but then it seems to become more of a curse after a while. Each and every time a new camera comes out, they lead you down another rabbit hole of a prospective 'better' camera with better specs.

    And I have found it to be a time-consuming, soul-destroying and draining experience.

    I think many people get sucked into this black hole of reading these reviews and incessantly obsessing over camera specs and new gear, when in fact what people should be doing is just getting "good enough" gear and then avoiding these sites like the plague and working to hone their skills in filmmaking and get creatively inspired.

    And I read a blog somewhere entitled "the search for the best camera is over."