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Lumix Tether Software
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  • I don't have my USB cable handy. I'm curious if tether allows you to change SS or A on a movie while recording. This would have come in handy for manual bulb ramping w/o touching the camera during eclipse. As it was, I had to touch dial which can introduce jitter.

  • If I correctly understand the manual,it seems that A and S is not selectable through tethering software..

  • @v10tdi - yes you can change SS or A on a movie via tether app whole recording! Preview is rather low resolution and poor refresh rate. Guessing this may improve with time. You do a get a full screen preview of still within about 1-2 seconds after you take one.

  • @soulkeeper and @sam_rides_a_mtb

    I tested the tether software and achieved mixed results.

    I could change SS, A, ISO while in PASM mode. I could also change them while recording a movie, including 6K photo.

    I could not use tether to change SS while in Creative Movie mode (at all) if the display was set to ANGLE/ISO. I could change A and ISO with tether, even while recording. If you change the display to SEC/ISO, you can change SS, A and ISO while in Creative Movie mode, even while recording.

    For grins I tested SEC/dB display setting in Creative Movie mode. As expected, the ISO adjustment is now disabled in tether. Maybe the program controls don't have the dB values to display, so there is no control over ISO in tether when display is set to SEC/dB.

    I don't know why the tether operation in Creative Movie mode is dependent on the display setting (ANGLE/ISO or SEC/dB vs SEC/ISO). I'd think it was a mistake - maybe that the tether program controls don't have the ANGLE or dB values to display so there is no Tether control over SS when display is set to ANGLE ISO or ISO when the display is set to SEC/dB.