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Aputure Amaran MX, more powerful alternative of M9
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    • Bi-color
    • Much more powerful
    • More sturdy construction
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  • Built-in battery? If so, then it would be built-in obsolescence...

  • Another excellent product ruined with one key feature: non removable battery.

  • If it can be powered by USB like the M9, I'd just call it "another excellent product not ruined by non-removable battery."

    (Also, since Aputure probably aren't big enough to design their own batteries, there's a good chance that with a screwdriver, the battery is most likely "replaceable")

  • I have 3 m9's and have used them quite a lot. I took them along as a back up on a friends short film (i was filming on my new gh5 for the first time). He had some larger Led's but we still found use for the m9's in most shots too. Looking forward to checking these out

  • @RRRilla

    This thing is specially designed such, to be small.

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