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5 or 6 foot light strip
  • I need a five or six foot LED strip light suitable for video and photography. Mostly product related work. For DOF purposes, I'd like to be able to get f11 as an exposure at ISO 800 or lower. Light quality matters, so cheap Home Depot strips don't seem highly likely for this task. I'll mix with some other studio lights I have yet to purchase. I'm open to some DIY so long as it's not super involved or some crazy amount of effort (subjective, I know). Ideas?


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  • I have seem some positive reports about the light quality from the LED strips sold here:

    For example, the light output from a few different LED strips are compared in this article and the Yuji ones seem to be better than the others in terms of CRI and the color spectrum of the light:

    You can cut the LED strips to the length you need and put a few strips side-by-side if you need more concentrated light output. Typically requires a 12V DC power supply and a bit of soldering, but doesn't look too involved. Here are some instructions for setting things up: