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Philips 328P8K 8K HDR monitor
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    • IPS panel
    • 7680 × 4320 resolution, 60Hz refresh
    • 100$ sRGB and 100% Adobe RGB coverage
    • 400 nits
    • 1300:1 contrast typical for IPS
    • DisplayPort 1.3 input
    • USB Type-A and USB Type-C ports
    • Two bad tiny speakers
    • Start price around $3400
    747 x 611 - 68K
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  • Price points for these 8K monitors are actually dropping just as fast as when 4K monitors came to market, from $5000 down to $3400 for this Phillips or $3699 for the Dell (previously $5000, just 6 months ago).

    I would wait for 2nd gen 8K monitors to hit with 120Hz Refresh rate, newer connectivity, better HDR brightness (1000 nit minimum) and higher Contrast ratio ...

    See the Sharp 27" 8K display specs for comparison (though 27" is too small):

    sharp 27 igzo 8k 120hz 1000nit.jpg
    800 x 534 - 249K
  • @NickBen

    27" is small even for 4K.

    Actual production price for panel is within 10-20$ of 4K ones.
    Thanks to smartphones industry actually have equipment that made such density cheap and proven.

    As for 120Hz refresh - you need TN panel or OLD to make it really efficient.

    For IPS you can't make much better contrast, maximum is ala 1:1400-1500.
    VA panels can reach 5000-7000.
    OLED, if you measure it in total darkness has infinite contrast.

    Current 1xxx NVidia cards can connect to 8K panels and also have 8K HEVC decoders.
    But I think for 120Hz, HDR and all else you need to wait around 2-3 years.