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JuicedLink closed
  • Products in third party shops market as discontinued.

    Site is gone.

    Even youtube channel is gone, and this is most strange as it has very useful general videos.

    One of the leading reasons can be

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  • Very interesting fact.

    Money used to start JuicedLink came from Robert's income and shares at Rambus. And Rambus is most known patent troll who has their part from many computer products you buy (RAM especially). Robet was very good engineer, of course, not lawyer, but big amount of money came exactly from bully behavior of firm. But it is quite interesting what company founded on money from Rambus was destroyed by another patent bully (also having very good engineers) - Zaxcom.

    It also seems that whole JuicedLink closing was part of deal (otherwise it made no sense to destroy all data and youtube channel). They need delay of course to not produce sadden lawsuit from users and not to make Zaxcom image even worse it is today (it is hard thing to do).