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Some words of Christopher Doyle
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  • He's a strange guy (but, yes a master). Bumped into him a few times here in Hong Kong, and he's always pissed drunk. I suppose I would be too if I had his skill and stature!
  • I've seen this vid before.
    @ed_lee83 I'm jealous:)

    we're talking about one the biggest giants the art of cinematography has seen (as are Sven Nykvist, Vittorio Storaro etc), and one of the best alive ones along with Emmanuel Lubezki, Guillermo Navarro (to a much lesser extent), Lance Acord, Robert Elswit, Pfister, Kaminski and few others. Doyle, Lubezki and Harris Savides are my weak spot.

    btw, a thread on a PB camera comparison is generating hordes of guess game comments, a perfect exercise in futility, and topics that have sth worthwhile to discuss are buried.
  • Speaking of legendary DPs, I once spent an entire afternoon conversing with Vilmos Zsigmond during some location scouting in NYC in 2002. One of the greatest afternoons of my life...
  • Rep @Faudel for posting this. Chris is my idol - and truly inspiring, they don't call him 'Super Chris' in HK for nothing. It's important to know that with his genius for movement and imagery - he never lets the camerawork overpower the story - hence his work (even if carrying his visual 'signature') looks different for each story/director he works with. Yes I met him too several times and he was freaking awesome and down to earth. You can learn more from this one clip then you can from any of these internet clowns and their overuse of sliders :-p
  • Good stuff, digesting