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Sharp unveils consumer 8K TVs
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    Sharp presented new Aquos 8K products, including 8K TVs and monitors, at IFA 2017 in Berlin as the company is gearing up efforts to build up its 8K ecosystem.

    The high-resolution 8K display products (7680 by 4320 pixels) bring innovation applications to a wide range of industries and are expected to replace the existing 4K products, said Yoshihiro Hashimoto, managing executive officer at Sharp, during a press event in Taipei.

    Sharp and Foxconn Electronics (Hon Hai) will also jointly push the establishment of the related supply chain of backend products such as chips, camcorders, cameras for the 8K ecosystem, according to Kay Chiu, president of Foxconn's TV business group.

    Sharp will begin to market its household-use 70-inch 8K TVs in Taiwan in February 2018, Chiu revealed. However, pricing for the 8KTVs has yet to be available.

    Sharp plans to introduce the 8K TVs into the China market in October 2017 and then in Japan two months later. The new TVs will be available in Europe in March 2018.

    Sharp will also continue to develop other 8K products, including 60-, 65- and 80-inch TVs and large-size display devices, Chiu added.

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    SHANGHAI, Sept. 1, 2017 -- At a grand premiere titled "Horizon Broadened: SHARP 8K Ecosystem" held in Shanghai, SHARP announced the simultaneous launch of its AQUOS 8K TV in Shanghai, Taiwan, Tokyo, and Berlin, while hosting other events, including the SHARP Day at Tmall super brand event, a cross-industry forum on 8K, and a press conference for SHARP 8K Ecosystem, which is a core strategy of the company. With the help of Foxconn Group, the 8K Ecosystem is now available in international markets, bringing a new chapter to human lifestyle standards with the 8K imaging technology.

    As technological competition is strong in the color TV industry, SHARP has taken the lead in launching its 8K TV, meaning 8K technology is now available in the public market. The 8K Ecosystem is expected to accelerate intelligent transformations in everyday life. At the cross-industry forum, attendees agreed that the 8K technology offers great potential in applications like precision industrial manufacturing, audio and video, healthcare, and education. Both SHARP and Foxconn believe that the 8K technology will revolutionize the human lifestyle. At the premiere event, SHARP announced the deployment of its 8K Ecosystem ranging from 8K film shooting to 8K content editing, storing and transferring, and 8K broadcasting, forming a full industry chain. SHARP also announced that it will participate in the construction of a key project in Shenzhen, China: Foxconn's Global R&D Center for Future Display Technology and Innovative Applications in 2017, where SHARP will further sharpen the competitive edge of 8K TV by testing 8K + 5G applications.

    Believing that the 8K imaging technology is one of the cornerstones for the "Made in China 2025" initiative and is crucial to improving human life in the future, both SHARP and Foxconn hope to leverage 8K + 5G to revolutionize education, entertainment, social groups, security, healthcare, purchasing, transactions, and environmental protection. The 8K ultra high definition display is bound to bring technological breakthroughs for video calls, online shopping, and big data of real-time traffic, spanning the last gap between the real and the virtual world.

    Horizon Broadened: An Audio and Visual Gala with SHARP AQUOS 8K TV

    Thanks to SHARP's classic design and Foxconn's outstanding manufacturing, the SHARP AQUOS 8K TV presents a striking appearance, accentuated by aviation-grade aluminum alloy for the frames, lower bar, and base as well as surface brushing and mirror polishing. Three groups of speakers built into the SoundBar work with two groups of woofer speakers and four high-power speakers with optimal back bass sound that are installed behind the TV, producing super bassy sound. With the sonic vibration eliminating design, the 8K TV boasts a marvelous sound effect with an extraordinary range. Without any additional sound system, the TV can perform as a family cinema thanks to its surround sound, Yamaha Audio Engine, and DTS 2.0 technology.

    Identified by the fourth Research Institute of Video affiliated with China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the 8K ultra-high definition technology can produce the most detailed visuals ever displayed on an 8K LCD panel. With images indistinguishable from the real thing, the 8K technology has broadened people's belief in what can be perceived. SHARP also utilize its world-leading picture quality technology, such as Dynamic Highlight display, to guarantee a visual gala on the 8K TV. The new edge-lit backlighting technology renders dimming and brightness on different sections of the picture, achieving a darker or brighter effect. The compatibility with both Dolby Vision HDR and BDA-HDR enables the 8K TV to have brighter and more vivid colors. With automatically set brightness and contrast for each frame, the 8K TV ensures that the experience is as if being immersed into a new reality. Moreover, the 8K TV has an excellent contrast ratio and wide color gamut due to a fluorescent molecular imaging technique, marking a great choice for an exciting life.

    SHARP Shines at TmallSuper Brand Event: Preempting 8K Market

    The Internet exerts an increasingly growing influence on customers' recognition of products. SHARP participated in the super brand event held by Tmall, the biggest e-commerce platform in China boasting a considerable customer base, and hogged the spotlight with its quality lifestyle. The super brand event is aimed at promoting single brands and helping customers to find their favorite brands. Based on Tmall's huge page views and abundant resources, SHARP has launched a precise marketing campaign to target customers. This innovative marketing embodies the attractive 8K smart home, opening a new chapter for consumption upgrading.

    SHARP, dedicated to technological innovation, is bringing the best products to customers, thanks to the excellent manufacturing of Foxconn and the super brand event held by Tmall, triggering a radical change to public life. The newly launched 8K TV and 8k Ecosystem flag SHARP's commitment to its customers, also expressing the concept of choosing SHARP for an ideal life.

  • Is there any commercial media available to watch in 8k? I don't understand this.

  • There's always a chicken and egg problem - if nobody has 8K TV's, there's no need to make 8K media. If there's no 8K media, why would anybody want an 8K TV?

    That said, the first wave of things like this is usually prohibitively expensive and I'd expect that the focus would be more on businesses / content producers.

    Also, I'd expect that unless these screens are very very large, no humans will perceive a difference from a 4K TV (and maybe not even a 2K TV) at a distance of 10 feet.

  • @eatstoomuchjam

    You also need to understand what perception is complex. On such level it is very complex things. For example, no one of so called proclaimers of resolution limit account for real construction of LCDs with black gaps between actual pixels. And on many large VA panels if you want to show very dark colors panel will switch all but one from same color subpixels (can be 3, do not remember, may be even 4), so your gaps increase significantly.

    Btw Sharp panels had been especially complex. With their large 1080p screens having 4 primaries and 2-3 subpixels that can be driven independently even for light scenes (ala pseudo 4K emulation).

  • really great news- I can't wait to buy an 8K 55+" touchsurface so I can finally replace my drafting table of olden days...

    800 x 800 - 35K