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Need GH2 110 mbs & 65mbs Settings advice!!
  • Hello everyone, I'm about to shoot a rap artist tonight out on the streets run and gun style and I also will do some lock down tripod shots. I need to know the best settings for the 110 mbs hack and the 65mbs hack. If 65 mbs is the best way to go please let me know, but I really wanted to push it to 110 mbs and have the time to do it during the night. I also have a canon 5D as a second angle for safety if the GH2 cuts off during recording.

    I'm using the SanDisk Extreme Pro 95mbs 16 gig cards, so how many minute will I get recording in 1080 24p? I also have the 30mbs 32 gig cards as well.

    I have heard Cinema style is the best to shoot in for music video but I just need the other settings like Smooth and so on.
    I have applied the 65mbs hack (v11) only and now cant seem to find my shutter speed button?
    Please help with any advice,

    Thanks so much,

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  • yo cbrandin 44m is perfect for what u r up to..
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