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Looking for Davinci Resolve 14 Beta 3,4,5,6...
  • Hey guy's I'm currently looking for Davinci Resolve 14 Beta 3 - 4 - 5 or 6 for mac osx. If anybody could post a download link for me that would be awesome. Blackmagic don't have them posted any longer.

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  • What is the reason?

  • Hey VK.. because the newest version "7" is only compatible with osx 10.11.6 & up. my hackintosh is running on 10.11.5. Don't want to take the risk to upgrade my system is running flawlessly right now.

  • I can give you 4, 5, 6 and 7 but only the Studio version.

    But I think you can download those from BM - from the support page, just scolling down a bit further.

  • Hey @Psyco thanks for replying.. I don't own a key for the Studio version. I checked the site but couldn't find them they took them down. If you find a link please send for me.

  • @TrackZillas you should want to upgrade to the latest version of 10.11.x (it has the most fixes and is now a "completed" OS) and any Hackintosh issues with .6 should long be worked out by TonyMac's users. Likewise, the latest DR beta will have the most fixes... it's a win-win situation. Just clone your current 10.11.5 to an external drive, do the upgrade, solve any issues (if any...) and when you are confident, you can re-purpose the drive with your 10.11.5 boot on it. You should be doing this anyway if you are running a Hackintosh and you should always have a recent clone of your computer's boot drive (on any system).

  • @CFreak You are definitely right I'm gonna have to do that. What software would you recommend to clone the drive? A free one would be nice..

  • You can start looking for HDD manufacturer sites, they usually have some Acronis or such based backup things.

  • SuperDuper! v2.9.1 --- back up and clone your drives for free— forever!

    Use Disk Utility to Clone a Mac's Drive

  • Thanks a lot @jleo gonna check it out..

  • Super Duper is great and so is Carbon Copy Cloner. To save you time, you want to use the smart update feature after any initial clone on either product I mentioned.

  • But the smart feature is not free, only full clones.

  • @nomad They have changed over the years what is free and what isn't. Or maybe I paid for it back then... I am due a host of upgrades myself.

  • @CFreak thanks for the info..