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Good Deals: Tokina AT-X SD 80-200MM
  • Tokina 80-200mm in first manual focus version.
    Quite famous MF push-pull zoom.
    Not very sharp wide open, but much better closed down.
    Price is $100, for Nikon version. Very rare on ebay (normally you could see it at $250-$400).
    Reason - this is some kind of sale of everything (look at other seller lots).

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  • Unfortunately, it's "As-is" and there's no way to tell if there's a mechanical problem or fungus on the lens. Thus, it's a risk, especially from a seller that appears to be someone selling other people's stuff for them and doesn't actually know anything about the gear they're selling.
  • @MrAnthony
    It is universal truth, more gain - more risk.
    Perfect photos of the perect lens from knowing seller won't allow you to get it for $100.
  • You can always return it. At least thats how buy it now works in the UK not sure about US.
  • @ kainekainekaine
    The eBay listing clearly says that all sales are final and that the lens is "as-is." That means no returns and you accept the lens in whatever condition it's in. Hence, the risk is significantly more than buying a lens for $100 more. Caveat Emptor.
  • Doesent hold up that here in the UK and EU I believe for anything sold over the internet. Everything sold whatever the seller puts is subject to the distance selling act.
  • Well, if the seller is in the U.S. and the buyer is in the UK, it might well be unenforceable. Also, the Distance Selling Regulations don't apply for auctions where the seller is a private individual and not selling for business purposes, but would apply for Buy It Now and sales by someone doing auction selling as a business. Don't know what paypal/eBay would do, as the listing makes it clear that all sales are final and the product is "as-is" so full disclosure was made up front, but as you note, the regulations allow for a 7-day inspection/cooling-off period in the UK.
  • I'm amazed at the amount of skepticism for a $100 lens. Call me crazy, but it's only a $100 risk folks!

    Thanks for the heads up, I snagged it!
  • >Thanks for the heads up, I snagged it!

    Remember to post some photos and footage :-)
  • Will do!