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Nebula Orvi Robotic Mini Crane
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    From today Chinese presentation in Beijing.

    More details and some vide to follow.

    596 x 697 - 63K
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    702 x 895 - 41K
  • In search of the equipment changing from mechanical to digital and intelligent, by utilizing A.I. and robotics technology, Filmpower starts with this new product: Orvi robotic arm. With the concern to ease the photographer's shooting intensity while meeting the requirement of the shooting effect, this robotic arm is designed to replace most of the operation of using a tripod, a slide, a jib…

    Orvi only weighs 10kg and has a 4kg load capacity. It’s free to set shooting routines through the remote controller or advanced software application on the phone, so Orvi can move and turn camera automatically.

  • What is the fastest this can move? Suitable for high speed shooting? Price?

  • @IronFilm

    Suitable for high speed shooting?

    I am sure not.