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KineFinity Terra 4K
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    TERRA 4K as new TERRA member featuring with High Speed & Low noise 4K CMOS, sub-S35 image format. Photo with Summicron Lense, KineMON, SideGrip as handheld cinema camera.

    492 x 392 - 34K
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  • I'm interested in this, 4k for 4k raw is cool And I like that Kine uses mirrorless mounts on their cameras for focal reducers. It should have higher max iso compared to blackmagic too.

  • I'm very interested too! I love the "compact" concept

  • No info about new 4k cinema camera in Kinefinity web page

  • This is a rough cut of a quick exposure, color, rolling shutter, and resolution test for Arri Alexa mini, Red Epic Helium, Terra 6k, and Terra 4k.

  • Guess who's talking Kinefinity at the BSC Expo…?

  • Interesting camera.

  • It is.

    But I will be interested to see what the RAW support is like, with either their in-house software or with Resolve, FCPX and Premiere. It's taking long enough for the latter to offer proper RAW conversion for Canon's C200, so I wouldn't hold my breath for this piece of exotica…