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TV Logic 5.6" LCD review and Lilluput comparison
  • Hello All,

    Im going to review an monitor that I use on a regular basis. The TV Logic 5.6" VFM-056WP.

    I use it myself and for a range of high end commercials and smaller productions as an oncamera monitor of choice. It has been used on Canon 5D, 7D, Red Epic, Arri Alexa and Sony F3 productions. Im only just getting my GH2 on monday and very excited to job your group of avid GH2 users.
    Is the only monitor (except their new 7") that changes the hdmi signal from the 5D to a recordable 720P 60i. The issue, as im sure you are aware with the 5D and 60D is that while there is a 1080 60i image out the hdmi when live, this changes to 480i, when recording with a 1 second black burst. The tv logic scales the video and thus allows an external recorder, that can be used as a playback device onset, like the aja ki pro mini or the samurai, or sony ex30. Basically any video assist recorder. Yes there is teh 1 second burst but the constant 720 allows video recorders to function with in one format.

    Anyway, regarding this as a dslr only monitor, it has a great resolution the same as the small hd dp6 but has the same 1280 x 800 pixel panel, but better color balance (tested by a few dops i work with) and as well it has focus peaking (best results around 80-85 level), false colour as well as a waveform. The waveform on the latest firmware, im told has now full screen features, as well as with my current firmware, small and medium size with solid or opaque options. There are hot keys as well and can also be used as an anamorphic squeeze box, but only to the monitor itself and not out. We have used this on the arri alexa with success. We ended up using qtake hd to squeeze the image out to the rest of the world.

    Also I have this 5" LILLIPUT 569HO hdmi lcd that is on sale currently. Its quite a cool screen with hdmi in and hdmi out as well as composite in and out with bnc connectors. Its on sale at US$179 now. A bargain as i paid $219 from ebay a few months ago. I use this at times like a viewfinder or cheap hdmi monitor. Its only 800x480 but gives a great picture for the price. bargin here

    and a review here

    Both use sony L batteries.


    Nigel Burton