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Lumix gh2 sets shutter
  • Hi everyone, I bought from a friend a Lumix GH2 used with a 14/42 mm with installed flow motion v2 all for 250 euro, and I'm fine, I'm just interested in video because it's not really suitable for photos camera.

    I come to the point as I register in 24 fps with flow motion V2 exactly i would like to check the shutter speed on my GH2 to set it to 1/50, maybe it is already set to 1/50 I do not know but i would like to check, the problem is I do not know how to do it, I have the instruction booklet and also the pdf manual downloaded from the internet yet i can not understand how to do it, i am a pivello and i do not know this camera would anyone know how to step by step how to do it? Sorry for the kid's question thank you

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  • You must have selected some sort of shutter priority mode (S) if you don't see and can't select shutter speed manualy. Go to creative movie mode all manual.

  • OK thank you

  • Hi I tried to do as you say but unfortunately I can not! I can not understand and see where and how does the shutter change? I do not see 1/25 1/50 1/100 and so on. But is it possible that with the flow motion v2 the shutter is fixed to 1/50 and can not be changed? thank you

  • Top dial, you should select the film camera icon.

    Go to 'motion picture' menu, second from the top, go to exposure mode and select 'M'

    Shutter speeds are not displayed as fractions, just values: 40, 50, 60, 100 etc, to the left of the aperture value on the bottom of the display.

    Patches only affect bitrate, not camera functions like shutter.

  • Thank you friend i tried but i can not find those commands you tell me, i'm sorry sad i am a pivello, so let it be all as it is hoping it is already set to 1/50 the shutter so it works fine. But there is a way to find out if the shutter is already set to 1/50 or is it higher by creating disturbances? Thank you again I do not want to bother you more than you need.

  • Here is a pic from the google, this is GH2 screen, do you see this number in red circle?

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  • I thank you friend because although you understand that I am a donkey you continue to help me, thank you also I will also try this method you are teaching me, and we hope it succeeds.

  • Then i tried it now and i can see that number as in your photo but i see a 5.0 in yellow and not in red is it the same? thank you

  • No, I drew this red circle, it is not on the screen.

    Yellow 5.0 is your aperture. That is not the same as shutter speed.

    Now press menu button, and go one step down, in this menu you see this option: EXPOSURE MODE, set it to M, as in this pic:

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  • OK i did as you say and now i see the 50 as in your red circle so i mean that the shutter is set right on 1/50 fit for 24p shooting i say okay? Thanks again friend

  • Now that I saw the shutter and on 1/50 I can put auto mode exposure instead of leaving in manual?

  • Great, now you are in manual mode, you set everything manually. You can go to EXPOSURE MODE - S, where your camera will automatically change aperture, and shutter will stay at set value.

  • Well I finally managed to set 1/50 thanks to your precious friend help Thank you again hello

  • Sorry friend but since I put "exposure mode" on I feel inside the GH2 in tic tic tic tic tic why? If I put in A or M then the tic tic disappears

  • this "tic tic" sound is sound of lens aperture. When you set exposure mode, camera have to change aperture to maintain right exposure for shutter speed you set. Every lens has its own sound of aperture. Some are louder some are quieter. If you want to use exposure mode it's better to have lens with clickless aperture so camera can fluently change aperture.

  • I did not know, thank you also for helping me friend Hello