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Help anybody has Panasonic HDC-SD7 for sale?
  • Help anybody want to sell Panasonic HDC-SD7? Looking for this specific model and not anything else that comes close to this model.

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  • You mean this?


    Seems like Japan only thing.

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  • Yes I mean this one. I think Japan sold it and maybe possible some countries imported it and not much sold of this model somehow? But I like the grip of this model alot. I have something which looks like this model but it is not Full HD. I think few are sold in my country. I want to try it out for a long time.

  • I think that would be a good camera to, but I look specific for sd7, it is just on my list for a long time. I like small and easy to carry and put camera in my pocket. And I tried normal handycam models but I don't like the position I have to put my elbow, wrist in and that I have to go through my knees to take alot of low shots. If you would use a sd7 or other models like this, right hand to hold camera and left hand to hold the lcd to avoid less shake is what I recommend. You are right that the handling would be hard with 1 hand because of shake.

  • Also look at

    Note that cameras I referenced are much better compared to SD7, as besides form factor SD7 is same as old small chip CCD Panasonics and they had been not too good besides SD1.

    Both new cameras also have very good stabilizers, especially Sony.

    As for low shots, get something like, just make sure camera has hoe mount


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  • That movo handle looks nice and easy to connect to a camera. Every camera probably has some downsides, but want to try the sd7 even when I think that low ligt in auto mode probably will be less. Would be nice if there would be a sd7 or gw66 made with a 4k version with boss system with 3ccd and crystal clear engine and on top of that wide g lens and bionz processor. Some hybride of 2 camera brands.

  • @Mysteryman3

    3 sensor cameras are gone and you can't make it in gimbal like constructions. CCD cameras also long gone, as you can't get high resolution video from the due to how CDD work.

  • Did not know resolution and gimbal would be problem with 3ccd, but I think it would be a dream camera. Cmos can be alot sharper, without the 3ccd would make a good camera to. I just like pistolgrip camera's, but they are not being made that much with some good specifications. As far as I know it there is still not a 4k one or you need to buy a actioncam and put a grip on it seperately, then it looks a bit what I would like.

  • Got lucky, I have bought now a sd7, there were 2 offers on a site, first I missed out on before I posted here, second one I got delivered. Maybe it is the same or other one that was on sale? But I am happy I got a second chance to buy one.

  • @Mysteryman3

    Can you make review for us? Really rare camera. most do not know about it.

  • Not sure what kind of review, never done a review? Not sure how to do that in a good way? Did a quick test on auto indoors to look how bad low light is. I always compare alot and just have to like image and sound right away or not. I am not that technical.

  • @Mysteryman3

    Make not technical, but emotional one if you so like :-) Like lot of samples and comparison with other cameras you have even smartphone. And part on why you wanted to get it.

  • A good comparison would be hard in making video myself. There are few samples on youtube that give a bit of a idea. But would be nice if there would be one. I can give short first impression and post some links. And would be more emotional then technical.

  • I have a GM1 I don't need--much better quality than sd7, imho. Film 1080p all day and super photos. Just add a 14mm pancake or the folded 12-32 pancake

  • One issue with this old camcorder is being able to only shoot in 1080/60i. Better to shoot only in progressive nowadays. I would have recommenced another old camcorder with a similar design. The Sanyo HD2000. It was the first camcorder to shoot in 1080p60.

  • Yes Dr Dave it is not all about the camera, but more about the shooter and what you should on film.

    Yes PauloTeixeira I heard about the Sanyo HD2000 I like that design to alot. The SD7 is NTSC, my other camera is PAL. I am not sure if I see that much difference in interlaced or progressive, sometimes you can see those stripes in moving objects I think with interlaced cameras if you play on pc, HD does not run on my pc, progressive really stand still alot on my pc. If you put on a different lens you see alot more difference I guess in overall image.