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I just realized stuff about movies and capitalism
  • And I am late.

    I just watched Okja, which I enjoyed until I couldn't stand the discrepancy between "Fuck corporations" and the entire movie being an apple commercial anymore. Also Mr Robots subversive "Fuck big money" - [produced by non other than amazon.](thats wrong, see edit) I enjoy the content very very much, but I have the feeling of being dulled. "Give Tim subversive shit, he likes that, then he stays calm." Ok, this is old news. But but there must be a system behind this. I never wanna have goosebumps again from something that is fed to me by straight up capitalists.

    Edit: ok, I was misled, in Germany Mr. robot is published by amazon, I think they had a label "Amazon Studios" or similar on, which led me to believe this was produced by them. Still valid post though.

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  • @TimTomTum

    Okja is shot by corporations and in the interests of ruling class, who do not want to provide healthy meat and find it more suitable to just feed you with potato chips.

    As for all else, read more. As whole movie industry always works in the interests of ruling class.

  • Seems to me like the internet has made film distribution more difficult than vice-versa. Sure there's access, but youtubification has reduced the incentive factor. I've seen full movies that were independently produced uploaded to Youtube, and maybe gaining 200k views at most.. that would probably amount to tens of dollars at most. That's just one example of course, but the main point is that independent theaters are largely shut down ( not that they were that good to begin with), online media companies have emerged that seem to siphon money even more than Hollywood, and the same barriers to entry, at least incentive-wise for us small guys, remain.

  • Well, small visual part about independent filmmaking and capitalism in general

  • Raising 50 million dollars of capital to produce a film puts one at the centre of the capitalist system. I'm surprised that anyone is surprised by this fact. Sure, films get made in non-capitalist systems but filmakers nearly always have to please the financial backers no matter who or what they are.