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People getting Sony NEX 7 cameras.
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  • Crazy price. More expensive than GF3, G3, GH2, and GX1 together.
  • @shawn
    "lots of moire in the daylight shots"
    Nikon,Canon,Sony,Pentax,fuji aps-c sensor cameras all have moire in varying severity. Yet lots of people use them with great results.
    There must be a reason why a lot of people use these cameras for video work.
    There are pros and cons in any camera format even with the beloved gh2 ;-)

    Moire hasn't really been a issue while using my 5n. Its down to what settings you use and you work around it.

    Indeed crazy price some people just cant wait a month (or half a year when the price drops even further)
    But then a lot of photographers have been waiting for something like a modern rangefinder style camera ala fuji x100.
  • The video samples at dpreview don't look that good. Looks like its not going to be my $1,000 F3. ( I can dream )

    Still waiting for someone that knows how to shoot use it and post some samples.
  • @Mimirsan
    X100 has a major design flaw from the in-lens-shutter. Many early adapters are having their X100 already broken. About NEX-7 I think Sony went too far too fast... but it's a good thing. Although I like Panasonic's more conservative approach on GX1 and GH2, Sony is really pushing Panasonic to excel. Look what happened to GH2 firmware 1.1. Go Sony!!! Go Panasonic!!! Olympus Who?
  • @Mimirsan - Just because lots of people use them doesn't mean they're the best choice. The Backstreet Boys sold millions of albums, and Ford's Taurus was the best selling car for many years. :)
    At any rate, my point is this - maybe I don't need a 21 megapixel sensor for 1920x1080 video? I guess I expected to be blown away by the NEX 7, but with the limited amount of native lenses and the samples I've seen, I'll stick with my GH-2. Main reason I was thinking about the NEX was the improvement in stills.

    What settings should he have used to eliminate moire in those daylight shots; specifically the one from a tripod near the bridge? Just curious to hear.
    I will tell you I had a 5n for a couple of days and it kept overheating - one time the overheat light came on in 6 minutes, and this is with the LCD open on a 60 degree Ohio day outdoors.
  • I think that most people using these cameras are primarily using them as photo camera and then some video. They all are very capable photo camera its on the video side that there are a lot of compromise, not true hd, moire, aliasing, overheating to name a few.
  • Body @ 1825?! That's ex
  • 5n does overheat my findings are that 50p gives the warning sign at 10 mins and 25p over 35 minutes. With 7 we shall see but I expect the same.

    Problem with demos from sites like dpreview and cameralabs is that they seem to be incapable of shooting good footage with any camera. ;-)

    Just because lots of people use them does not mean theyre the best? Thats not what Im saying.
    Some people use them because they like the look that apsc gives if you think they are unaware of the GH2s existence..thats not exactly true.
    These are photo cameras with video functions at the end of the day (why do so many forget this?) and its a lot of photographers who are going nuts (a bit too nuts) over the Nex 7.

    Look I agree that the 5n & 7 are not the best for video quality (thats why i have the gh2 still) but it dont mean theyre mediocre in the video dept either (if you want a apsc camera the 5 & 7 are argueably the best for video right now).I myself dont put GH2 on a pedestal...its not perfect. Nothing is. I might be elitist if i as under a companys payroll but im not ;-)

    Its really nice to have clean higher isos and no banding (my gh2 bugbears) just its not very unexpected to have some moire as ive havent seen or tried a apsc camera without it.
    Once you get over that and accept it theres lots of benefits using the system for videowork.

    Plus it would be crap without the competition...Stonebats got a point. Although I dont agree that sony was wrong to make a camera too soon that many have been asking for ;-)
  • That's why I wanna learn about Sony's new products and how Panasonic is reponding to Sony. Let the games begin. It's important to keep enough number of players to make it interesting. You know, "keep your friends close and your enemies closer."
  • ¿U$2,200?, only the body o_0

    I like that camera, very its madness that price. GH2 body + various options of lenses (future SLR 12mm or Voigtlander 25mm or Tokina 12-16mm...)