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New teleprompter software - beta invites (free)
  • Hey everyone, about 8 years ago, I launched EasyPrompter - an online teleprompter/autocue. What was first a DYI solution to the problem of "all the prompter software out there sucks" quickly became a very popular web-based teleprompter tool. It's been way over-due for an upgrade and I'm happy to tell you all that the upgrade is nearly ready.

    There are a couple features I wanted to highlight as I think they're pretty great, especially on something you run in a web browser

    • Rich text editing
    • Mirroring (horizontal and vertical)
    • Dual-screen capable - this gives you the ability to have an operator and a talent screen
    • Configurable shortcuts (keyboard / control surface / presentation remote)
    • Save unlimited scripts in the cloud
    • Access on any device - web, tablet or smartphone
    • Fully offline capable - once you load it, you can run it in the field without an internet connection

    These are just some and more features will come as more people tell me what they need. I want this to be the best web-based teleprompter solution out there and you can help make that happen!

    You can sign up for the beta right now which will give you at least 90 days access to the full EasyPrompter Pro in exchange for your feedback.

    You can sign up at

    Thank you!

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