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David Cronenberg on Directing
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  • i'm a big fan. love it... both... and he never talks about camera!
  • Thats because hes a filmmaker ;-)

    Love Cronenbergs work...currently collecting his films on dvd.
    Thanks for this Vitaliy ;-)
  • Yeah...Cronenberg, I don't think get's his due cause of his genre/gore films, but they are all greatly acted.

    Even before History of Violence and Promises, go back and watch Videodrome or especially The Fly. He knows what he's doing on every level.
  • Very underestimated guy.. There is so much thought invested in his films. Gory or not.
    Though, his newer work is more "elegant" and eventually he's starting to get some of the esteem he deserves.

    I'd like to ask what his relationship to Pasolini is. :)
  • He talks a little more technical details here. He also goes into ideas and metaphors and how to translate that into images...hence the title. Since he can't photograph words....he has to make the words....FLESH.

    It starts with french narration with no subtitles but then it's basically a long interview in english. You can say how other directors are like Scorsese or Tarantino-esque, but Cronenberg really is one of a kind.

    It's at least seven parts, if you like the first two, you can find the rest in the related vids on the side.