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PackRAW Software
  • Utility to reduce space taken by raw photos on your drives.


    • Improved detection and added support for more formats
    • Tweaked a few settings in the uncompressed model, should get slightly better compression on average
    • PRW files now include a 4-byte offset to a JPEG thumbnail, if available. [found at offset 3, little-endian]

    Supported formats:

    • Adobe .DNG (uncompressed)
    • ARRI .ARI
    • Canon .CRW (no header, uncompressed)
    • Epson .ERF
    • GitUp Git2 .RAW
    • Hasselblad .3FR (uncompressed)
    • Kodak .KDC/.RAW (uncompressed)
    • Leaf Aptus .MOS (uncompressed)
    • Mamiya .MEF
    • Minolta .MRW
    • Nikon .NRW/.NEF (uncompressed)
    • Olympus .ORF (uncompressed)
    • Panasonic/Leica .RW2 and .RAW
    • Pentax .PEF/.RAW (uncompressed)
    • Samsung .SRW (uncompressed)
    • SJCAM M20/SJ5000x Elite .RAW
    • Sony .SR2/.ARW (v2.x only)
    • TIFF (uncompressed, 8bpc or higher, up to 4 channels, single page)
    • Xiaomi Yi .RAW

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