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LUTastic - 3D LUT Preview Gallery Tool for Windows
  • I have just released the free trial version of my new LUT Preview Gallery tool LUTastic. It will display a preview of your input Video with every LUT applied so you can select your favorite one with ease. It features a live preview of the video.

    Trial version is limited to 3 LUTs. Pro version is not limited.

    Suggestions for features are appreciated. Also: what forums and other places would be good to make people aware of this tool?

    Happy LUTing ;)

    • small update to interface colors online now.
    1602 x 858 - 790K
    1920 x 1080 - 78K
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  • @fatpig

    Make buttons stylized to dark interface and do same with scroll on the right.

    And also do similar thing with text elements depicting file name and such.

  • noted. :)

  • any ideas on how to make people aware of this tool? :)

  • @fatpig


    First, post in everywhere.

    Make it not free, people do not like free. Make it $20, but free registration code for first 100 users. In reality can set this number to 10000.

    Improve interface even further.

    Add GPU support and make it blazing fast.

  • thanks! Getting my posts deleted on dvxuser and eoshd- I contacted the admins but no reply. weird.

  • @fatpig

    No one told that it'll be easy.

    Remember - if someone deletes post on democratic forum for no reason - it is ok. :-)

  • UPDATE: v1.3 now has increased LUT compatibility and clear error messaging.

  • Release! v1.4 now offers these changes:

    • smaller font size in previews
    • remembers previous paths for input file and LUT folder
    • improved JPG image quality
    • Displays LUTs 55 at a time, up to 1000 LUTs per Folder
    • Added left and right buttons to click through LUTs
    • slightly faster in generating previews
    • improved stability
    • added error messages for better bug reporting
    • corrected aspect ratio for non-widescreen sources

    You can try it now over on:

  • This software is pretty useful. To make it more popular I suggest.

    1. You make a Youtube video about it
    2. You talk to IWLTBAP. They have an online LUT viewer so you could cross pollenate. They also sell a popular set of 99 Luts that 'needs' a lut previewer.
  • hey robbie, thats awesome suggestions, thanks :) Any recommendation where to promote said YouTube video so people will see it?

  • @fatpig

    Any recommendation where to promote said YouTube video so people will see it?

    I can suggest PV channel.

  • thanks @Vitaliy_Kiselev ! I will gladly take that offer and let you know when the video is finished. @robbie36: talks with IWLTBAP have begun.