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Speakers: angle trick to solve piercing trebles and to calibrate bass and trebles volume.
  • If you use speakers in your computer for audio monitoring and mixing, even after good equalization, some trebles can be piercing depending on the quality of the speakers and also depending on the audio you are listening.

    The trick is to position the speakers besides the computer monitor and instead of pointing them direct towards your ears, rotate them a little bit around it's own axis outside direction. Then you find the best position between 0 and 90 degrees, rotating the speakers slowly and paying attention to the sound to find the best angle.

    This can solve the piercing trebles and can calibrate the trebles volume along with the bass volume.

    But remember, before using this trick you need to find the best equalization to calibrate the speakers frequencies.

    This trick can work better than lowering the trebles so much in equalization, because lowering the trebles so much in equalization can result in a muted sound, similar to cover the speakers with a piece of cloth.

    The speakers direct towards the ears can be good to perceive details in sound for a good audio mixing result, but sometimes you want a more pleasant audio, so the angle trick can be welcome.

    I found this trick when doing equalize calibration in the speakers, see the speakers review:

    See the draws:

    598 x 429 - 29K
    598 x 429 - 29K
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  • @apefos

    Idea is not good. As you turn speakers too much stuff changes, including fast rising part of early reflections.

    To talk about speakers calibration you need measuring mike first and roper software as second.