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Learning Filming
  • Hi all,

    I've just starting to learn filming and I have picked up a few bits and pieces for my set up.

    5D Mark II with Magic Lantern, Ninja 2, Boya BY-WM8 wireless lavs. I'm using Prem Pro CS6 to edit. I plan to shoot small pieces for actor show reels and possibly business interviews.

    My question is, what codec should I use to get the very best quality, please?

    Thanks, Jenny

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  • What are you wanting to do with the Codec? Are you talking about Magic Lantern video settings (RAW etc) or PP output for storage, or upload to YouTube etc?

  • hi alcomposer,

    Thank you for your reply, please bare with me as a complete noob!

    I have been reading up.

    The Ninja 2 does Pro Res or DNxHD.

    I understand that the best cinematic (might have wrong description!) frame rate is 24 frames per second, which is what I have my camera set to. But, I don't think the camera frame rate setting makes any difference, from what I understand it is set by the chosen codec in the Ninja 2?

    It appears that Pro Res only allows 30 frames per second, which leaves DNxHD.

    The Ninja supports DNxHD 220X, 220, 145 and 36.

    I did not realise that the codec also sets, for example, the bit depth and the frame rate.

    I was thinking that the ideal would be 10 bit at 24 fps, but it appears that DNxHD 36 is the only 24 fps codec support and that is 8 bit.

    I cannot use ML RAW unless I record directly to the CF card which makes it impractical, if for no other reason that the 4GB file size limit and resulting 12 mins max recording time.

    I would imagine that 99% of the time I'll be uploading to Youtube or Vimeo, which I believe are both H.264, but I would also like to be able to create archival footage in the highest quality possible.

    I ran some tests of Pro Res which looked very nice and now I'm going to try DNxHD as the Pro Res 30 fps didn't give me the look I want.

    If at any point I am talking complete rubbish, please don't be afraid to tell me so!

  • Others can address the tech stuff you are asking, but my honest advice is if you are just starting out learning to shoot in general... don't worry about all this stuff yet. Stick to learning the fundamentals of cinematography, photography, and filmmaking in general. I would just shoot H.264 in-camera and figure out how to light a subject, how to frame a shot, and so on. Don't get too bogged down at the beginning with all this prores/DNXhd external recorder stuff.

  • @Oedipax

    Fully agree. He can start from shooting interviews courses on Lynda.

  • Hi .. I'm a professional photographer, so I'm not a stranger to lighting and many other things that are needed for videography, even composition.

    I also have skills in Prem Pro and am editing footage. I just need to get my head around which codec to use.

    I got quite nice footage today and superb sound with pro level gear. It would be great to know what the very best I can get would be, please :-)

    I'm also debating whether I need to upgrade the camera and if the quality I get isn't good enough with existing gear I will have to do do.

    This is for business use. If a success will look at C100's soon, one step at a time.