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Lucid VR LucidCam 3D Camera
  • Santa Clara, CA – June 23, 2017— Lucid VR is officially kicking off the general availability of its simple-to-use, pocket-size 3D 180° VR camera, the LucidCam with a preview sale launch campaign starting June 26th.

    This launch campaign aims at driving more consumer awareness around 180° VR to tap into content creation in a VR market which is longing for content. Lucid CEO Han Jin’s vision--to create a technology that brings the world closer together through a true 3D 180° VR camera, the LucidCam--started with a crowdfunding campaign two years ago and has now come to reality.

    “It’s been an incredible journey to bring this product to life while the industry was chasing 360° VR. 180° VR is much more appealing for the masses, as its simplicity and user experience allows more users to easily capture VR content. With Google’s announcement one of the major players in VR is realizing the benefits of 180° VR video for consumers,” said Jin. “LucidCam creates images and videos which let you for the first time see the world through someone else’s eyes as if you were really there. I want everyone to have such incredible superpowers.”

    Lucid kicks off the one-month preview sale campaign starting Monday, June 26th, where the camera will be discounted 15 percent off the retail price and delivered August 9, just two weeks after the campaign closes July 26.

    LucidCam makes virtual reality content creation and livestreaming in 3D 180° VR at very high resolutions easy, with a simple plug-n-play process flow and being most compatible with Apple devices. Consumers can create their own 3D 180° VR without a computer or any additional processing requirements, making LucidCam an all-mobile experience for capturing, viewing, sharing and delivering immersive content either through Facebook or the new YouTube. With two lenses like your eyes and two microphones like your ears, LucidCam recreates a first-person experience, allowing people to feel like they are seeing the world through someone else’s eyes.

    Exceeding the original specifications of the LucidCam crowdfunding campaign, the engineers at Lucid VR enhanced it and developed a robust 4K 3D 180° VR camera with on-the-go VR content processing of pictures and videos, plus livestreaming capabilities. With the addition of Lucid’s viewing clip or phone case, you can create and view your own 3D 180° VR anywhere with a click of a button.

    The special LucidCam preview sale runs begins June 26, and includes a 15 percent discount off the retail price, with delivery as early as two weeks after the promotion ends. Retail availability of LucidCams begins in August, with thousands of units coming into the online and offline sales channels. For more information about LucidCam or to purchase the device, visit

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