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Voice recording when walking
  • Hello everybody, I want to start making pickup / prank videos like this one –

    – and I’ve some questions.

    1) I like ZOOM H1, I like how it records sound in loud environment (clubs etc). For example I was using my Xiaomi Redsmi 3S phone and sound was a mess: I like the battery and I like how it saves the file even when memory is full. But I don’t like this device size. So I have two questions:

    • is there any smartphone or some more portable recorder that has similar to ZOOM quality?

    • I found ZOOM iQ8 and Shure MV88, but I don’t like iPhones and I don’t want to buy myself one. Is there any way how I could use it on Android? For example if I buy some kind of cable? Or does it depend on iOS software?

    2) My goal is to record dialogues in loud environment – clubs, street etc. What would be better option in terms of quality: just ZOOM H1 or ZOOM H1 and lav mic?

    3) How do I remove clothing rustle when I move? For example if I put my ZOOM into my jeans pocket then when I walk there is a lot of rustle. But when I watch Youtube videos I don’t see this kind of issue. How they do it?

    This dude is walking but there is no rustle at all.

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  • Just use a Lav mic connected to either phone or H1 in pocket. It looks like you only need one mic- so just record that seperate, and do a clap slate before the take.

    Any Lav will do that works with your recorder - look around. Just remember to try to conceal your Lav, and also have release forms ready for after the prank. :-)

    One thing to remember that many Lav reviews compare Lav mics outside clothing, so some can sound extra bright. However once you place the mic under clothing you need that high end to cut through the clothing.

    For rustleing make sure to use a good technique for mic placement, (and a gaffer tape triangle). EQ and a noise removal software can also fix up minor rustling.

    I personally wouldn't put the microphone in pocket, as that would be very far away from participants heads.

    As you want to record in clubs this may be a real issue. Some clubs I have been to are extremely loud, (seriously loud). So you will have to play with setting before recording.

  • Also note that many of this videos can have processed sound.

  • 1+ @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Remember video sound is not simple. Don't believe people that say it is. Lots of time is spent cleaning up audio, adding room tone etc.