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BBC: Do you see what I see?
  • Just saw the end of one episode,... really fantastic! (this is just a small part...)

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  • Highly interesting. What's called the entire series?
  • thank you for sharing :D, really interesting!
  • I spotted the correct green block straight away...Different shade to me
    I guess I must be Himba too! ;-)
  • Me too Himba! :P
  • @Mimirsan

    I don't know what tribe members of P-V would be part of - especially considering that we 'can' tell the difference between 16,777,216 colours... and even that isn't enough!
  • just fully watched :)
    and i´m a himba too!!

    other thing that i notice, is that on the green/red square test, when we have to be looking at the center dot, and then looking at the desert with sky squares,
    i didnt see the pink and yellow color shift, i actually see a magenta and cyan color shift jajajjajajjajaja
  • the green square was easy to spot when they filmed the monitor, but not when its directly on screen.
  • Ha ha, great episode of Horizon, watched it a few weeks ago. You should check out the whole episode, fascinating stuff.

    I think the point they are making is not that we can't see that the two greens are slightly different, but more that Himba have different names for different shades of green, because those colours are far more relevant to them.
  • @fatpig
    That's because the first time they show it full screen it is the top left square that is different yet when they show it full screen the second time and the other squares fade to gray it is on the top right like the monitor the Himba are watching when they are doing the tests.

    The odd square out is 93,189,2 in rgb and the rest of the squares are 79, 186,14 as seen by the color picker in photoshop and it switches sides when they fade the rest of the squares to gray.

    This is very interesting to me as my kids are learning their colors.