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Speakers: portable and cheap solutions for computer
  • Sound speakers just for audio reference, not considering quality monitoring, portable and cheap solutions, usb powered, stereo without subwoofer (2.0), best design among many models:

    The sound power is low, good if you need a more quiet solution. The frequency responce is not full range but adequate for audio reference, can be calibrated with computer sound card equalizer.

    Single speaker with front bass opening, plastic:

    dual speakers, plastic, don't know if has bass openings:

    dual speakers with rear bass openings, wood construction:

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  • Thanks! I saw all the options in the topic and links.

    All are expensive for me, just one option is in my price range, the SENICC SN419, but the speaker on it looks very similar to the 303bk and the wood option I showed, so maybe it is not much better.

    Maybe if I combine the 303bk with the sp091 with a p2 splitter can be a good solution doing a equalizer and volume calibration.

    I am thinking about small speakers to use when I am tired of large phones, so I can avoid the in-ear kz zs5 and get speakers.

  • @apefos

    Well, at least look at better local options.

    This must be available local and many other larger speakers.

    Look for ones with silk dome.

  • thanks again for all the tips. the creative is very interesting but expensive.

    as i am buying the arcano shp300 large phones for good monitoring i just need an inexpensive speaker just for use when i get tired of using phones, so the 303bk (and similar) and sp091 seems to be good option combo, lots of good customers reviews and most people use them (they are best selling) so I can get a good idea about what people will listen. also, they are small not so loud and this is good for me. and I need to avoid the in-ear kz zs5 to buy the speakers.

  • I have a strong feeling that the twitter in the SP091 speakers can be just decorative, no sound. But I did not find information about it.

  • @apefos

    I have no idea. It all just not worth the time.

    It is clearly simpler to spend all time to get $100 and buy normal speakers.

  • so, the final options are:

    option 1: Combo: SP-303BK + SP091 (for use alone, interleaved, to compare the sound, or for use together with a p2 splitter cable)

    option 2: Microlab B-70 (almost twice the price, but the design looks like studio monitors). It is the only one better option that I can afford, all others are expensive for me.

  • maybe some day...

  • @apefos

    How about right today?

    Brazil average monthly salary is $678.90.

    One week of work and you can afford good speakers, another week and good headphones.

  • I am working, but in the first moments of work there is no money incoming.

  • @apefos

    OK, may be find second work where no "first moments" are present? Just for the sake of getting proper gear.

  • Maybe. If it is possible to share time.

  • @apefos

    Try it. As I did similar errors back in the day.

    You never need to spend fortune, but always get proper gear, even if used or refurbished.

  • Review about the Multilaser SP091 Speakers (teste):

    Without equalization, in flat, it has more trebles, some more mid, and less bass. But good thing is trebles are not harsh so it is possible to solve. After equalization the frequencies get more balanced and pleasing to the ears. Bass, mid and treble are ok after equalization.

    After equalization, the sound is detailed and it is possible to identify all instruments. Voice is good and clear without sibilance. There is no confusion or cluttering in the frequencies.

    There is a bass opening in the rear which helps to improve the bass performance. The size of the housing is big compared to the speakers itself which is good to improve the bass performance also.

    As I was thinking, the tweeters are just decorative, no wires on them, but it seems to help some small amount of mid and low-mid frequencies to come out working as a semi-open membrane. I perceived this when I put the ears close to it. To my ears there is no need of separated tweeters.

    The speakers itself are 1,75 inch and have good construction, similar to professional speakers, when looking inside. They have a floating surrounding curved membrane which helps the speakers to vibrate.

    Listen music is pleasant, so it seems a good buy for using with daw software and video editing when you get tired of using headphones, not for professional mixing of course, but useful for enjoy music and interleave with headphones when working.

    It is made of plastic so it is easy to clean. The small toward-up angle helps the sound go in the ear direction when the speakers are on the table. The construction is plastic, but solid, well made, there is no vibrations when sound is loud.

    The speaker amplifier do not introduce noise or hiss. The cables are not so thin, so I hope it can resist over time.

    There is a power button, a volume control, a power on led, and earphones out (amplified and also adjusted by volume).

    The vertical construction and small base can make them fall if you accidentally touch them, but no problem at all because if they fall on the table they will not break. Just avoid fall in the ground. There are four rubber feet in each side, good to avoid direct plastic contact with the table and avoid vibrations.

    The sound volume you can get from it is loud enough to satisfy music listening, and If you are in a place that you cannot use very loud speakers, this Multilaser SP091 is a good choice. You can get 100db from left and 100db from right without distortion (measured with my decibel meter). For a 1,75 inch speaker in each side the sound is very good. The manufacturer specification is 8 watts RMS for the pair.

    Interesting thing: if you sit in front of it, with the speakers besides the computer monitor, after the equalization, rotating the speakers around it's own axis can help a lot calibrating bass and trebles. Just find a position that puts the speakers not direct pointed to your ears, but in around 45 degree outside. The angle also depends on the music you are listening, some music sounds good with the speakers diretc towards you, other music are better with some angle. If the trebles get a little bit piercing in some musics even after equalization, this angle trick can solve it.

    You may ask: if trebles are a little bit piercing in some musics why not change the equalization instead of changinf the speaker angle? Because if you exceed lowering trebles equalization it can sounds muted like there is a cloth over the speaker, so the angle trick works better.

    I use the volume in computer in 44 (between 0 and 100), and volume in the speakers in maximum. I perceived that volume in 44 in computer is high and do not introduce distortions. The computer volume can be raised if the original sound is less loud. For audio reference or monitor it is better to keep the computer volume in 44 and speakers at maximum and professionally adjust the sound level in the video editing or daw software using the visual sound levels and compare with the headphones.

    For the price (less than 16 usd) it is excellent (if you know how to equalize).

    They are powered by usb, there is a usb cable. The usb is just for power, there is the green p2 stereo cable for connect to the computer sound output. All the cables are fixed, not possible to remove.

    Size is around 8 x 3,2 x 3 inch each speaker. The cardboard packing box protects the speakers and it's size is 20,5cm x 19,5cm x 8cm, possible to carry in a backpack. The total weight with packing is 625 grams (written in the box).

    Using the 20HZ to 20KHZ audio test from audiocheck website proves that it can deliver all the frequencies with very reasonable calibration (after equalization). The manufacturer specifications are 60hz to 20khz frequence response, but I can hear more lower bass frequencies from 20hz when using the audiocheck audio test, less louder compared to the 60hz but present.

    Equalizer settings (sound card software). Small subtle changes. Depending on the music, a little more bass is welcome, or a little less mid is welcome, or more open or closed trebles. But there is a best setting, see:

    seta: 60=3, 170=3, 310=2, 600=1, 1k=-2, 3k=-4, 6k=-6, 12k=-5, 14k=-3, 16k=12

    setb: 60=3, 170=3, 310=2, 600=1, 1k=-2, 3k=-4, 6k=-6, 12k=-5, 14k=-3, 16k=0

    setc: 60=4, 170=4, 310=3, 600=2, 1k=-2, 3k=-4, 6k=-6, 12k=-5, 14k=-3, 16k=12

    setd: 60=4, 170=4, 310=3, 600=2, 1k=-2, 3k=-4, 6k=-6, 12k=-5, 14k=-3, 16k=0

    sete: 60=3, 170=3, 310=2, 600=1, 1k=-3, 3k=-5, 6k=-6, 12k=-5, 14k=-3, 16k=12

    setf: 60=3, 170=3, 310=2, 600=1, 1k=-3, 3k=-5, 6k=-6, 12k=-5, 14k=-3, 16k=0

    setg: 60=4, 170=4, 310=3, 600=2, 1k=-3, 3k=-5, 6k=-6, 12k=-5, 14k=-3, 16k=12

    seth: 60=4, 170=4, 310=3, 600=2, 1k=-3, 3k=-5, 6k=-6, 12k=-5, 14k=-3, 16k=0

    seti: 60=2, 170=2, 310=1, 600=0, 1k=-2, 3k=-4, 6k=-6, 12k=-5, 14k=-3, 16k=12 (best settings in general, for music listening, for audio mixing reference, or comparison with headphones)

    setj: 60=2, 170=2, 310=1, 600=0, 1k=-2, 3k=-4, 6k=-6, 12k=-5, 14k=-3, 16k=0

    setk: 60=2, 170=2, 310=1, 600=0, 1k=-3, 3k=-5, 6k=-6, 12k=-5, 14k=-3, 16k=12

    setl: 60=2, 170=2, 310=1, 600=0, 1k=-3, 3k=-5, 6k=-6, 12k=-5, 14k=-3, 16k=0

    setm: 60=0, 170=2, 310=3, 600=0, 1k=-2, 3k=-4, 6k=-6, 12k=-5, 14k=-3, 16k=12 (excellent choice to increase the perception of the electric bass instrument) (a little more mid-bass helps the trebles to be a little less piercing also)

    setn: 60=0, 170=2, 310=3, 600=0, 1k=-2, 3k=-4, 6k=-6, 12k=-5, 14k=-3, 16k=0

    seto: 60=0, 170=2, 310=3, 600=0, 1k=-2, 3k=-4, 6k=-6, 12k=-3, 14k=-2, 16k=12 (same as setm but with a little more open trebles, this is good if the music sounds muted trebles with the setm)

    setp: 60=0, 170=2, 310=3, 600=0, 1k=-2, 3k=-4, 6k=-6, 12k=-3, 14k=-2, 16k=0

    If you ask me about numbers I would rate it as 7 out of 10. Why? Because it sounds like small speakers. It is impossible to make a small speaker sounds as large studio monitor speakers. But not considering comparison with larger speakers I would rate 9 out of 10 because the mid and trebles are more pronounced than bass without equalization and sometimes it also has this behavior when pointed direct to the ears even with equalization and needs the angle trick.[A:sp091]

    sorry for bad quality photos!

    768 x 1280 - 145K
    1280 x 768 - 162K
    1280 x 768 - 227K
    1000 x 1000 - 277K
  • About the C3Tech SP-303BK (mini review - teste):

    Total absolute utter CRAP. At least it was just less than 6 usd, so I did not lose much money. I needed to satisfy my curiosity...

    Lots of harsh and sibilance in mids and trebles. And after equalization to remove the harsh it does not solve at all, and results in a muted sound, like a piece of cloth is over the speakers.

    The equalization of 14khz and 16khz makes no difference, so there is no good treble response. The bass sounds cluttered.

    Adjusting volume in computer (low or high) does not improve quality.

    This kind of speakers just worth if you need very small portable speakers for carring in a backpack.

    I think all sound boxes with similar speakers will have this kind of sound. Maybe another brands with similar size can be better? I don't know.

    I did not open it to see the construction because there are no screws, so opening it can damage the box.

    It has amplifier and is usb powered with volume control in the cable, no noise.

    Average equalization to minimize the harsh: 60=-2, 170=0, 310=-1, 600=-4, 1k=-8, 3k=-12, 6k=-8, 12k=-4, 14k=0, 16k=0

    Lesson learned: do not trust in customers reviews if they are not professional.

    Conclusion: avoid it!

  • Now the Multilaser SP091 Review (teste) is complete, see in post above.

  • @apefos

    Total absolute utter CRAP.

    Who could have thought... :-)

    Check my posts above. All of options are reachable to you within 2 weeks of work.

  • The SP-303BK is crap. But the SP091 is very good, see review above.

    I agree with you about getting good equipment, because bad equipment is loosing money.

    I hope the SHP300 headphones is good enough like the SP091 speakers, I will say when it arrives.

  • The SHP300 headphones arrived.

    I heard some different musics on it.

    The sound is ok, clear, without confusion in frequencies, without harsh or sibilance in mids and trebles. I can identify all instruments and good voice.

    The sound is good quality, very easy to equalize, with just minor adjustments in frequencies it gets ok. It is almost flat from factory with some more bass and some more mid-high.

    There is just one thing that I don't know if can be bad at all... The bass frequencies are velvet, and if I lower them to try to remove the velvet feeling the bass intensity gets lower, but the velvet sensation does not fade away. So I need to get accustomed to this characteristic.

    edit post: I tested different musics in different phones and I perceived that some musics have velvet bass in different headphones so the problem is not in the shp300 at all, while in some musics the bass sounds just ok, see:

    Best average equalizer settings (sound card software):
    60=-9, 170=-7, 310=-5, 600=-3, 1k=-1, 3k=0, 6k=-3, 12k=-3, 14k=0, 16k=0

    I am considering the @Vitaliy_Kiselev advices about get money and buy expensive equipment, but there is a problem:

    The problem of buy speakers and headphones is: you never know how it will sound. So I am very afraid of buy expensive equipment and do not like it. It would be perfect to buy in a fisical store and listen before buy... but here is hard to find a store with these kind of good equipment to listen.

  • @apefos

    Headphones that I suggested are tested by tens of thousands of people.