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G85 hack possibility?
  • Any chance that might happen? Thats a great camera with lots of users and it would be so awesome if someone would start working toward a hack! I have so many ideas how to improve this baby. Not only bitrates\framerates, but manual focusing as well (which would solved huge pia with panasonic autofocus). I would gladly donate money for such a project and participate as a tester and ideas generator.

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  • You can read this

    Just begin sending request with .html format and see if have any success.

  • I changed link to local one, this topic also contains your link anyway.

  • I read the thread and right now as I understand there is not even a single successful attempt at changing bitrate) Well, I hope something will come up from this, I will be monitoring this topic. But what I was hoping for is a FIRMWARE hack. Though, if someone manages to create an app hack, that would be awesome as well.

  • Firmware hack is far far from reality. There are more posibilities that pana guys let some funtions hiden but accesible in some way.

  • why is it so difficult, does anybody have a clue? like taking a gh5 firmware, and pasting some options from there to g85 firmware for starters?

  • @Ashley_James

    For starters you need both firmwares unencrypted and reversed.

    And you won't be able to cut and past still, as sensors, and other things are different.

  • @Ashley_James It is a super complicated process. You need something with deep understanding of firmware, and software tools needed to work with them.

  • I see. I guess the problem is a lack of proper tools and a source code for a firmware. We need to hack into Panasonic software development division and steal there tools in order to do something)

    Well, than I better get back writing letters to Panasonic. Btw, does anyone know a viable email address, where I could send them my requests?

  • We need to hack into Panasonic software development division and steal there tools in order to do something.

    Good idea :-) For extra jail time, not for tools.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev is right. Even with code doesn't mean that we would get a good hack. Want better productions? Spend money on tallented actors- set dressers, and let's not forget lighting.

  • Actually I am thinking about G85. But too busy now, and we have exhibitions ahead and lab stuff.

  • One more G85 here! I really think Imgapp protocol need further study. Look at this new possibilities, like changing profiles or parameters while recording in real time. With a calibrated external monitor we can get exactly the image we want.

  • Well, I wound't say no. ;-) But I do understand that hacks take lots of time and energy. Would be nice to have GH5 like features in G85. However would the LSI even have enough power?