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Proper modern camera medium
  • Time of SD cards and CFast is passed



    Modern media must be simple M.2 enclosure with USB 3.1 interface.

    It is cheap, reliable, easy to transfer to any PC/Mac.

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  • So all we need is cameras with USB3.1 interfaces... Panasonic take note! Think SD is too slow for RAW, think about that USB3.1 interface.

  • @alcomposer

    I mean that for camera it must be simple cheap metal enclosure with simple connector with lock on one end and USB C one on another.

    Thing that we have with camera companies come from horrible education as capitalists are afraid to tell managers and economists how their economic work actually. We had same thing with Sony Memory Stick and Panasonic cards other shitty gritty things.

  • It's not metal and it's only USB 3.0, but the people at VideoDevices are way ahead of you. My PIX-E5 uses these

  • @eatstoomuchjam

    It is for mSATA SSD.



    I talk about M.2 ones.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Ah, I missed you saying M.2 above. It's still pretty close to what you were proposing.

  • Rather cool, these were not on my radar. Any recommends, there seems to be cheapo cases and then more known brands?

  • I like the idea of just a usb3 port on camera. Lots of bandwidth, choice of device (get a fast one) cans be memory card or SSD for larger storage.

    Funny, sometimes the corrupt cop is the good guy, (I'm taking about you USB 3.1! & m.2)

  • Small M.2


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  • @alcomposer

    Proper way to say - only USB-C connectors.

    As it can have HDMI, Thunderbolt as well as USB 3.1. And all are useful for camera.

  • Sure, USB-C is the way to go. And it's reversible and much better than mini-USB! Very secure.

  • @alcomposer

    Yet, from physics pov USB A connector is better, as it is harder to break ports accidently.

  • True, but USB-C has bonus of having more electrical power, faster (thought-put), and reversible.

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  • Panasonic take note: USBC SSD raw recording! (EVA1 will still sell well) nice find @VK!

  • @alcomposer

    By idea any USB 3.0 camera with proper interface implementation can do compressed raw (around 1:4 12bit raw).

    Just note that it requires host implementation and proper speed.

  • With the video centric features of GH5 and USBC it would make sense to have this feature. With a much easier interface than many other CFast card systems.

    At least it would give options. H264 for longer recordings, raw for demanding work. (Lots of Color grading, VFX etc)

  • @alcomposer

    All advanced small DSLR style cameras must get rid of batteries inside and cards slots.

    It must be just quick mount battery grip like things (mountable on bottom and on top). Can contain batteries, drives, extra connectors. It is logical to have battery aligned with time it takes to fill up internal drive.

  • Sounds like a modular camera system...

    Maybe Sony could make more cash by simply selling most powerful sensors without much extra hardware, just simple LCD and a USBC connector for data and power? At least this could reduce overheating issues, (or reduce manufacturing cost of extra parts).

    We need a PC solution for cameras.

  • NVMe progress predictions


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