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Trusmt Cage
  • Thank you arranging these great deals! The Trusmt Cage is listed on eBay for $390 plus shipping. It's close to $100 cheaper on this site all in all. The fact that it is one of the great deals available here is quite an endorsement to the value of the manufacturing. I am sure Vitaliy only posts deals that are products he believes in and that says a lot to me. Anyone ever used one yet? Looks very comparable to the ReWo Cage. I am not sure the price difference between ReWo Cage and Trusmt Cage. Does anyone know? Does anyone know which has advantages over the other? The Trusmt Cage looks very well made, the Matte Box too. Does the Matte Box come with donut rings? I can't wait to get my hands on these products. Perfect for my new GH-2. Thanks for making these deals available to us, Vitaliy!
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