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LanParte URSA Shoulder Rig
  • Here's a review that I made of the LanParte Shoulder Rig:

    I compared it to the stock item that the USRA Mini comes with. On balance (pun intended!) LanParte have done a good job - I certainly enjoyed the mobility it gives.

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  • Interesting rig.

    How comfortable it is during prolonged work?

  • @Glenn7

    It all depends on what you're doing. If you are standing and just swivelling from the hip you'd be able to stand for a hour. The shoulder pad is wide.

    In my case I trying moving around and taking the rig on and off my shoulder, I could hold it in front of me fairly steady for 30 seconds, then I wanted to move it again.

    One had on the long arm with the other on the focus wheel seems to work well.



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