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DJI Spark Drone
  • Specs

    Spark is a mini drone that features all of DJI's signature technologies, allowing you to seize the moment whenever you feel inspired. With intelligent flight control options, a mechanical gimbal, and a camera with incredible image quality, Spark empowers you to push your creative boundaries.

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  • Not impressed with specs, price or range. Price should literally be half what they're asking.

    The backwards flying also looks pretty dangerous given it doesn't seem to have any sensors facing that direction yet one of its key features is a flyaway shot. A lot of these are going to be smacking into trees.

  • I disagree - the only real bummer (for me) is that it's only 1080p.

    Also, I'm glad DJI are finally getting on the USB charging wagon. That means one fewer bricks that I would need to carry with me if I brought it somewhere.

  • @Tron

    DJI runs on big margins. At least for all new and premium products, they use discounts weapon only to fight competition.

  • Only 1080p30. The Kudrone is able to do 1080p60, 2.7K 30p and 4K 15p.

    DJI Spark.JPG
    891 x 739 - 56K
  • The Kudrone is also most likely garbage and/or outright fraud so maybe not the best comparison to make. It might be better to compare to something like J. Me

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  • I hadn't been planning to get one of these right away, but a buddy preordered two from different stores expecting a similar train wreck to previous DJI launches and they both shipped on day 1... so I took one.

    I only was able to fly it for a few minutes tonight before losing daylight, but it seems to work alright - no real surprises if you've flown any other DJI drones. I hadn't paid a lot of attention to the video/photo specs beforehand so I was a little bit surprised that there is exactly one video mode available (1080p30) and exactly one photo resolution available (and only jpg, no option for raw).

    I'm thrilled by the USB charging, though - I'll be doing a 3-day hike in the near future and I intend to bring it and recharge from the cheap 20000mAh Anker USB battery that I'll be using to keep my phone and RX100 charged.

    Maybe I'll make a short review for it in about 8 months (since that's about how long it's been taking me to finish my Mavic review)

  • Maybe I'll make a short review for it in about 8 months (since that's about how long it's been taking me to finish my Mavic review)

    How about make it long for PV, good, and in one month? :-)