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GH5 with Sigma 4.5mm Circular Fisheye
  • Just tested the GH5 with Sigma 4.5mm Circular Fisheye Lens.

    In Anamorphic mode & 6k Photovideo mode the full Circular Fisheye image is perfectly framed. This is the highest resolution FullDome image we can capture on a low cost system - before using a Blackmagic, Kinefinity or RED camera solution.

    I had used the GH4 with the same lens- and this needed a speed booster to achieve the same result.

    Could be interesting for Fulldome Planetarium Capture! Especially once Panasonic update Anamorphic mode to high quality. Would be nice if 6k Photovideo mode was also updated to higher quality as well- and 4:2:2.

    I am also interested in testing Kinefinity with the Yashuhara Madoka on a Kinefinity. Which should allow similar resolution capture.

    2000 x 1335 - 218K
    3647 x 3646 - 595K